Viktor & Rolf

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren were born in 1969 in the South of Holland.
In 1992 they graduated from the Arts Academy in Arnhem. They marked their first success in 1993 when they won three awards at the Hyeres festival.
They spend some time as members of the free Dutch artists group “Le Cri Neerlandais”.
They take part in the organizing events by the group in Paris. They showed their own inventions from miniature puppets and perfume falcons in the “Torch” gallery (Amsterdam) in 1996. In 1997 their first perfume was released “Le Parfum”. Its flavor is trapped in a bottle that cannot be opened or smelled. The number of the perfume falcons is limited to just 250. In 1998 they debuted during the week of high fashion in Paris. They released their own men’s clothing line in 2003. The Paris museum Louvre their exposition to mark ten years since the beginning of their career. In 2005 their new perfume, Flowerbomb, comes out, which is one of the most emblematic for their brand today.

In 2006 it is followed by Antidote for men. Also launched are the following: Flowerbomb Eau de Toilette (2007), Flowerbomb Extreme 2007, Flowerbomb La Vie En Rose (2009), Eau Mega (2009). An interesting fact is that each falcon is sealed off by a wax stamp by Viktor & Rolf.
They also worked on married couples design by order from “H & M”, which was released at affordable prices.

The unmatched triumph of the Dutch duo Viktor and Rolf strongly discouraged the pessimists regarding the development of the fashion design as an art and concept. At first the two designers were met with silence and even ironic rejection by the media, today they receive numerous lucrative offers and both the press and TV compete in making compliments.

Maybe the reason for their success is that both Viktor and Rolf the formula for difference making dysfunctional clothing and looking for new dimensions in the fashion world. Since the first years of their appearance the extremely loose sleeves made an impression along with the numerous necklaces and additions pointing to the gigantic, the ultimate. They manage to establish themselves through their sense of space, offering more than just clothes from cloth but ones that are semiotic and being loaded with many concepts with plenty of meanings.

Their desire to be interesting, extravagant forced them into the creation of virtual perfumes. They also make postmodern installations by launching little doll manikins reminding us of the prototypes that existed in 18th century fashion, when news on fashion came around through the bog and small Pandora.
Some experts even compare the early works of Viktor and Rolf to the “ready made” style of the famous Marcel Dushamp, who claims that in art more important is the idea rather than the actual product. Viktor comments on the efforts the two of them put into their work: “the installation defined our ambitions. We said to ourselves that things are not going as we wanted them to. So we decided to do the following. Imagine what we wanted to be like. By clarifying this we created a miniature version. That is why we organized the miniature review, we made a small boutique and that is how we created an accurate projection of our ambitions”.

The feelings resulting from Viktor and Rolf’s perfumes and clothing are different. The emotional specter is rich and bright – from surprise and mistrust, to slight skepticism and full rapture. Their philosophy gives away at least three important and key elements: individualism, strife for overgrowth and permanent experiment. Their actual thinking is curious that always manages to attract attention. For them communication is most important, the sending of certain messages. Viktor and Rolf are original, proactive, highly precise and sensitive. When asked what is their final goal, their answers although different are: focusing passion and workoholicism in one. They want to be popular, rich and real, not made up celebrities. Their desire is to turn into one of the most luxurious brands of the 21st century, to sell their own clothing lines, cosmetics and perfumes all over the world.

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