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Gianni Versace is born on the 2nd December 1946 in Reggio Calabria, Italy. He dies on the 15th July 1997 shot down in front of his mansion in Miami Beach. The lethal shots put an end to the life of one of the most famous, talented and attractive designers worldwide.

Between 1964 and 1967 he is studying architecture. During the next four years is working as a designer and trader of cloths for the fashion house of his mother in Paris and London. For some time he is working for the fashion houses of ‘Jennie’ and ‘Complice’ when in 1978 he founds his own company in Milan. The same he organizes a presentation of his first collection of women fashion. In 1979 he is launching also his men collection.

In 1981 is the first perfume launched by Gianni Versace. The upcoming fragrances include Versus for men (1990), Blonde (1995), The Dreamer (1996), Versace Man (2003), Glam (2003), Crystal Noir (2004), Versace Man Eau Fraiche (2005), Bright Crystal (2005), Versace by Versace (2007), Versace Pour Homme (2008), Gianni Versace Couture (2008), Versense (2009), Versace Versus (2010).

He enters the area of the haute couture in 1989 when he opens his own fashion house in Paris. In 1993 he starts working on the furniture design and creating interiors. He is also the father of the fashion style Versus following the extreme interest towards the sportive and youngish style of clothes he was designing. This line is offered at really affordable prices. For a comparison Versace, with the help of his brother Santo and his sister Donatela, manages to create an incredible fashion empire owning more than 500 boutiques  around the World and with more than 6000 employees. Here we have not included the over 200 stores for jeans named on the brand. At the day of his sudden death his fortune is considered to be more than 900 million of USD with a year threshold of around USD 1 billion.

The impact of his mother

The famous designer is born and has been raised among plenty of dresses and since he was a kid he has managed to build an attitude about the women fashion. Every morning he was going with his mother to the tailor shop. This is how he gets to know one craft that later on turns out to be his destiny. Thanks to the communication he has with his mother Francesca, to the everyday work and taking part in the entire process, Gianni has managed to learn all of the secrets in this trade, he builds an attitude to the cloths, the different techniques in working with the, cutting, modeling. He shares the early lessons he has learned: ‘In the tailor shop of my mother I got to know what techniques, quality and tradition are. I really managed to take advantage of this. I am convinced that I am helping the women to express themselves with the means of the fashion and the clothes I am creating. The people that choose Versace are having a way of life combining the classic and at the same time modern spirit.’ As for his attitude towards his brother Santo and his sister Donatella, it is full of love and an approach that his far from the professional one – Santo is a professional in finances and management while Donatella is a professional in creating classy accessories, expert in the garments she also had a real sense for the modern woman, the femininity and dynamic. It is really understandable that nowadays the entire empire of Versace is managed by Donatella Versace.

It is not only his mother that has influenced the establishment of the incredible Versace style but also a few important persons members of the fashion life of the 20 century. Some of the analysts consider this to be Paul Poare. The Italina designer really admires him an often borrows his ideas switching them through his own mind. Other famous people that has influenced and can be noticed in Versace’s work are Madlen Vione and Madame  Gre.

Gianni’s concept about the fashion

The designer is well aware of the fact who is the driving force in the fashion. According to him these are the fronts of the public opinion – art people, musicians and politics. People involved in the above listed areas are the ones that are not afraid of changing the rules in order to create one new and really unique style. And the fashion is really about? One of the numerous answers of this question shared in the newspapers is the following: ‘It is a reflection of the changes in the society. Looking into the future and always seeking for something new.’

Versace considers himself as a person that is willing to experiment, an adventurer in the design area. The whole world around him influences his worldview and consequently the items he produces. He is inspired by the art – the cinema, the theater, the literature, the painting and his really interesting life. A really special source of inspiration for him are the women. What he says about them : ‘Women, friends, rivals, young, old, capricious, intelligent, serious, shy, but never boring’.

In his work he is always mixing and choosing. That is probably why he is a genius – due to his fantasy and richness. It is really curious to hear the following he is saying: ‘If you are afraid of the colors that you are afraid of the life that is surrounding us with its surprises and peculiarities. The colors will make happy those that observe them and those that wear them. I would like to color all the people, to cover them all in order to get them out of the nap of our cities.

The power of the erotic

The beauty of the naked body, the seducing forms, the implied or even directly offered erotic – all this is intertwined in Versace’s idea of being provocative and tempting. In his opinion the beauty has been created in order to be observed by both men and women. But are there any borders between the temptation and the vulgarity, the sex and porn? Gianni says : ‘The borders and parameters are changing with rapidly’.

The love of the celebrities

Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Sidney Crawford, Kate Moss, Cristie Tarlington, Jasmine Gauri, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Prince, Sting, Eric Clapton, Cher,  David Baui, Mike Tyson, Silvestre Stalone, prince Eduard, princess Diana and Michael Jackson – one really small part of the celebrities that have wore Versace’s clothes.  Extravagant, provocative, scandalous is the desire for being different at any price. This is what is the common about all of the celebrities that find the answers to their desires in the clothes and perfumes with the name of Versace.

The art of one of the greatest fashion geniuses such as Gianni Versace will never be understood unless you consider his perfectionism and virtuosity, the richness and gorgeousness of his approach. The amount of beauty and classiness so widely used in all of the Versace’s clothes and perfumes is what makes Versace the designer of the luxury, and bold charms. The erotic in his work is really powerful and fresh same as the life itself. What is demonstrated is that without the erotic it is impossible to be beautiful Gianni Versace will always remain one really daring artist that loves the colors. That is what makes him an artist of the change and the future.

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