Valentino Garavani was born on May 11th 1932 in Vogera, Italy. Hi had graduated from the Arts Academy in Milano and later on the School of Syndicate of the representatives of high fashion in Paris. He began his professional career with the famous French designer Jean Dese, whom he assisted from 1950 to 1955. Between 1956 and 1958 he worked for Guy Laroche. Valentino began to raise into a cult the luxurious, elegant and moderate wastefulness, mixed with notes of provocativeness and scandal. After changing a few more employers he established his own fashion house in 1959 and showed his first collection in 1960. Even as early as this period next to Valentino stood his business partner Giancarlo Jametti who had previously studied architecture. The two of them become a great and long lasting team who seek out more than just growth, they are responsible for the creation of the fashion academy in Rome. The large scale charity is for the fight against AIDS. The designer becomes very popular 2 years later after showing his collection in Florence.

There is not a single encyclopedia in the world that has not taken note of 1967 as the most successful year in Valentino’s art. The same year he came up with the “white collection” and the launching of his trademark logo “V”. During the period 1968-1973 the founded by him company is owned by “Kenton corporation”, but after 1973 and onwards it was again owned by the designer. He also widened his work into designing furniture and interior, decorations and textile. His men’s line was released in 1972, while between 1968-1988 he found numerous boutiques in Rome, Milano, Paris, London and other big cities. From 1998 onwards the new owner of the Valentino empire becomes Partecipazioni Industriali and after 2002 it became part of Marzotto, who also owns Hugo Boss, Marlboro Classics, Gianfranco Ferre and others.

From 1991 he started to launch special emissions of his perfumes and aroma oils. They include: Vendetta & Vendetta Pour Homme (1991), Very Valentino (1997), Very Valentino Homme (1999), Valentino Gold (2002).
His newer flavors are: Valentino V (2005), Valentino V Absolu (2005), Valentino V Ete (2006), Valentino V Pour Homme (2006), Rock ‘n Rose (2006), Rock ‘n Rose Couture (2007), Rock ‘n Rose Pret A Porter (2008), Valentino Eau de Parfum (2009), Rock ‘n Dreams (2009).

Valentino always loved luxury, wealth and splendor, but not like other millionaires he was subtle and discreet but generously showing off his passion. His maxima is well known: “why should I look poor when I’m rich!”. His fashion is also rich, luxurious and even wasteful. His strife for perfectionism and his wealth have thought him not to be resourceful in economy.

There have been numerous comments and analysis but most of these cannot ignore his creative abilities and high quality of his work. The total comfort and the completeness of the shape are his signature. There are also unique scars of the perfumes, accessories and small but elegant objects. When he is working Valentino transform into one with his drawings. He is obsessed by the feeling of modern fashion, his sense towards shapes that are dictated by time itself. Valentino himself has this to say about his work: “it is born in a magical moment, a book, a painting, sometimes even under the influence of something negative. It turns into emtionand then cloth, a perfume or a jewel”. The things he creates are always distinguished elegance, drama and romance.

His immense success similar to Armani and Versace comes from an obsession with movie stars and more specifically Hollywood. The clientele and fans of Valentino are attractive and powerful women, whose magnetism is fulfilled by artistic talent and perfectly balanced manners. Gloria Guinness, Sofia Loren, Jaquelin Kennedy-Onasis, Elizabeth Taylor, Sharon Stone, Brook Shields, Julia Roberts, Jenifer Lopez, Ornela Muti, Audrey Hapburn and many others are part of this list. To those names can easily be added the names of countless more wives of sheikhs and crowned personas. By tradition Valentino creates the clothes of the official Oscar awards. The art of this emblematic artist always seems to focus on overall on tenderness, beauty and nature. May be that is why he is loved and preferred.

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