Valentino Very Valentino (for women)

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Valentino Very Valentino (for women) – An independent review

Perfume: Valentino Very Valentino (for women)
Fragrance: floral green
Duration: 17 hours
Expiration time if not opened: 3 years
Occasion to use: daily
Appropriate cases: at work, when going out with friends, in the nature
Way of life: casual
Approximate price: $20 – $35 USD

Valentino Very Valentino (for women) – short history

Very Valentino has been launched by the fashion house of Valentino in 1998. It has been created with the assistance of the perfumer Daniela Roche – Andrier. A front of the fragrance is Angela Lindvall, born in Oklahoma. She is an extremely beautiful model who is also an actress from time to time. In this advertisement she cannot be recognized at all – having a long black hair. The skin on her face is clearly white – this is on purpose in order to emphasise on the lips and glance. The blues eyes, red lipstick and dress are completing the picture of the fatal woman. While walking she is just spilling the Very Valentino perfume and everything behind her starts burning in flames. This is really a breathtaking performance.

Perfume notes

Top notes – lily of the valley, magnolia, black currant, orange, lemon, mandarin orange, tarragon, bergamot;
Middle notes – jasmine, violet, rose, rosemary, woody notes;
Base notes – vanilla, white musk, sandalwood, amber.

Pyramid of aromatic feelings and duration of the fragrance

The Very Valentino perfume easily attracts the attention and grabs you with its complicated and slightly oriental scent. The composition is fresh and nice. It is capable in making your day even when it is dark and cold outside which always brings the feeling of sadness and loneliness.
Very Valentino is a really nice mixture of citruses and flowers. The top notes are revealing themselves with the sparkles of blackcurrant, mandarin and orange. It is harder to feel the lily and the magnolia. While the bergamot and tarragon are hardly noticeable however they make the whole composition complete. When you get into the heart of the perfume it starts being more colorful and tender. The heart notes are filled with the rose, jasmine, violet, rosemary. The base is dark and when you get to it you will the warm tender touches. It is a mixture of the woody notes – ambergris, sandalwood and musk. Their strong and dry scent has been softened by the sweet vanilla.
The perfume lasts about 17 hours and the residual fragrance is another 2 hours.

Recommended places to use

Spread wherever you would like to. The fragrance is fascinating – you will neither remain unnoticed nor will be obtrusive in case you have used more perfume than the necessary.

Shape, shade and original wrapping

I would count the Very Valentino perfume as one of the classic such – feminine and classy. Designed for women with style and for those that have their own style no matter whether they are at work or out in the mountains. Thus Very Valentino can be used daily. Of course everyone is free to choose.
The design of the bottle has been created by Pierre Dinand. The bottle is with a pretty standard shape. A rectangular with a clear glass bearing the name of the brand placed right in the middle of the front side. You can find the perfume in sizes of 30, 50 and 100 ml. The price is really affordable.

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