Valentino Rock’n Rose (for women)

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Valentino Rock ‘n Rose (for women) – An independent review

Perfume: Valentino Rock ‘n Rose (for women)
Fragrance: floral
Duration: 14 hours
Expiration time if not opened: 3 years
Occasion to use: official
Appropriate cases: romantic dinner, a walk with the loved one, official event
Way of life: luxurious
Approximate price: $30 – $78 USD

Valentino Rock ‘n Rose (for women) – short history

The fashion house of Valentino Garavani has launched their product Rock ‘n Rose in 2006. The perfumer Francoise Caron has created this fragrance. The scent is inspired by the new generation of women… Looking like a real rose outside and being a rocker inside. A front of the Rock ‘n Rose perfume is the Swedish model Mona Johannesson. The advertisement is full of dynamic and sensitiveness. Mona Johannesson is sitting in front of a lens taking pictures automatically. She is so inspired and looks like a young girl spreading the feeling of freshness and freedom. At the end she just takes off the black dress she is wearing and takes one light pink rose. The end shows how she covers her breasts with the leaves of the rose.

Perfume notes

Top notes – black currant, bergamot;
Middle notes – lily of the valley, rose, gardenia, orange blossom;
Base notes – vanilla, heliotrope, musk, orris root, sandalwood.

Pyramid of aromatic feelings and duration of the fragrance

The top notes of the perfume are fruitful and green. What you can distinguish is the freshness of the blackcurrant and the classy bergamot. On the other the hand the lily adds tenderness and femininity to the fragrance. It is an illustration of the clear youth. In its heart the there is a combination of rose, gardenia and an orange. The presence of the flowers here is really strong. The orange scents are really flirting with the flowers. Still the rose stands out with the odoriferous glimmers. Valentino Garavani describes this rose as if it is something completely different than what we have experienced until now. He calls is the ‘fantastic rose’. This definition gives the rose some more seductiveness and mystery.
The base is dry and slightly dark. A mixture of the sandalwood, the heliotrope, the musk, the vanilla and the iris. The musk scents are stronger and only the vanilla is getting closer to it. This is want prevents the fragrance from leaving the frames of being one sweet colorful joy.
The duration of the fragrance is around 14 hours. The residual fragrance stays for another few hours and will be hardly felt by the people around you.

Recommended places to use

Spread on your wrists, behind your ears and knees. You can also spray two small clouds around your hair.

Shape, shade and original wrapping

The expectations of the team that has created this amazing fragrance are really great. What they strive actually is to help all young women that are willing to have one luxurious way of life. The Rock ‘n Rose perfume is classy but still seducing. It is shining and provocative. It seems to be built of contradictions in order to perfectly match the unpredictable women nature. It brings joy, charm and a feeling of freedom.
The bottle is a sphere of glass which is really comfortable for your palm. The tap is a black one with a sharp peak that slightly resembles to a diamond. The aroma liquid is of course pink.
You can find it in sizes of 30, 50 and 90ml.

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