Thierry Mugler Eau de Star (for women)

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Thierry Mugler Eau de Star (for women) – An independent review

Perfume: Thierry Mugler Eau de Star (for women)
Fragrance: oriental
Length of trail: 13 hours
Shelf life of unopened bottle: 3 years
The reason for use: daily
Suitable cases: at work, meeting friends, cinema
Lifestyle: simple
Indicative price: $10 – $90 USD

Thierry Mugler Eau de Star (for women) – a brief history

Eau de Star perfume was launched in 2007. The perfume noted 15th anniversary of the first fragrance of the brand. The creator of Eau de Star is a perfumer Louise Turner. The designer of the bottle is Jean Jacques Urcun.

Perfume notes

The notes – vanilla and patchouli.

Pyramid aromatic notes and duration of perfume scent

The perfume Eau de Star is unfolding smoothly. In its top notes it is very light, delicate, slightly aquatic. It can be felt the notes of cucumber, melon and fresh spring grass.After about 20 minutes, salty and sweet chords are starting to interact. It can be also associated with even bitter dark chocolate. Eau de Star acts in the same way – it is strange, unusual, and also extremely addictive. It is difficult to determine the exact ingredients, too many layers and they do not stop to change in each phase. The spicy scent of patchouli make the scent oriental, wild, and unbridled. The Vanilla calms it and creates a sense of confidence.
The duration of the perfume is pretty good – about 13 hours plus residual odor of about 2 hours.

Recommended places to apply

Spray cloud in the air in front of you and go through it, then spray your wrists. Eau de Star is designed to provide you with the enveloping freshness and tranquility throughout the day.

Shape, shade and original wrapping

Eau de Star is a summer fragrance. The perfume manages to create harmony between the violent passions that pachulito causes and the nimbleness of the vertiginous vanilla. It is not a fragrance for every woman. She must loves to experiment and to dive to the new. It is not always disappointment – on the contrary, can make you fall in love in it.
The bottle of Eau de Star is exquisite as any other bottle of the brand. It is also transparent and large engraved star draws attention to its central part. The cap is white with silver shades. The aromatic liquid is pale blue. It can be found in packages of 5, 20, 50 ml.

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