Thierry Mugler Alien (for women)

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Thierry Mugler Alien (for women) – An independent review

Perfume: Thierry Mugler Alien (for women)
Fragrance: oriental woody
Length of trail: 14 hours
Shelf life of unopened bottle: 3 years
The reason for use: official
Suitable cases: dinner with friends, club, special occasions
Lifestyle: luxury
Season: winter
Indicative price: $25 – $140 USD

Thierry Mugler Alien (for women) – a brief history

Thierry Mugler Alien launched their fragrance in 2005. Perfumers behind its creation are Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyere. The structure is made up of three main components – solar jasmine from India, wood and white amber. Thirteen years after the creation of the Angel, the French brand again attracted the attention of the world to itself and provoked contradictory reactions. Mugler admitted: “When we created Angel, it was completely innocent act and the fragrance became the number one when you have worked out the Alien, it was a huge challenge because the whole world watching.”
Advertising face of the Alien is a Belgian model Tina Baltzer. The makeup and her hair are unique, beautiful, styled in a more extreme, unusual way. The advertisement itself is a look at some alien life form. Strange sand dunes, stunning attractive woman and a mysterious scent. Thierry Mugler has again tried to go beyond the usual and ordinary and he managed. The advertisement is extremely impressive, the message also.The emphasis, of course, is on the name of the perfume, which is spoken in a rather peculiar way. Wind waves are involved and even a touch of voltage.

Perfume notes

The notes – Indian jasmine, wood, white amber.

Pyramid of fragrance notes and duration of perfume scent

When you first smell Alien it might seem strange, slightly mysterious. No specific notes stand out. However, it can be detect the feeling that brings sunny jasmine – heat, dryness, transparency and freshness. It is not sweet, is not generous or very seductive. But his presence is not modest – making the perfume sensual and passionate. Is different from most perfumes. The wood in the heart makes it more spicy and glamorous. Like it has a fruity notes and spices. At times it could be slightly strong, but it continues to surprise, charm, and seduce. In the base, it still remains bright, bold, and feminine. The white amber makes it extremely durable – about 14 hours. This length does not disappoint the expectations of the fans.

Suggested places to apply

Apply the perfume throughout the hot spots of the body – so you will feel the incredible power of the scent, its pulse on your own.

Shape, shade and original wrapping

It is good to wear it when you have evening trips or special occasions. This perfume is definitely not for everyday use. Refined, sophisticated, even a little heavy. It is suitable for women who love to experiment and are easily adaptable to new, different.
The bottle, in which is hidden the mysterious liquid, have an odd shape. There are many sharp edges and at the same time, slim body and fantastic folds, forming a cap, which in fact missing. The color is deep purple.The cuts, which can be found are the most different – from 15 to 200 ml.

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