Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli is born in 1940 in Florence, Italy. He graduates from the Arts Academy there. The famous artist Giuseppe Rossi is his grandfather. In 1965 Robert makes his fashion debut showing patterned t-shirts. A while later he opens his own prints factory developing the art of printing on leather. In the 1970-s is admitted as a pioneer in this area. In 1982 he puts a start to his fashion career. Since 1995 he has launched his fashion line “Just Cavalli” aiming the young generation. There are three main brands launched on the market – “Class”, “Freedom”, “Angels”. For a short period of time he is also working for the famous French fashion house of Hermes. In 1999 opens a boutique in New York with his own brand. What he mainly sells is jeans clothing. In 2002 he launches his first fragrance – Roberto Cavalli For Women. In 2003 is launched the Roberto Cavalli For Men perfume. The next year (2004) is when on the market we have the following perfumes launched – Just Cavalli Her (perfume for women), Just Cavalli Him (perfume for men) and Roberto Cavalli Oro (perfume for women).

Followed by the fragrances Serpentine (2005), Black for men (2006), Just Cavalli Pink & Just Cavalli Blue (2006).

He is announced as the designer of the year by the Fashion Group International (USA) in 2002. And in 2006 he wins the Bamby prize achievements on the area of the fashion, sport, music and cinema.


Most probably the life Roberto Cavalli would have been completely different if it wasn;t for the hard times he has went through as a child. He is really small when his father is killed by the Nazi. The loss is enormous and this has a deep impact on the small Roberto. He turns into an introvert and starts talking at the age of 10. The inspiration comes after the really positive contacts with his grandfather Giuseppe Rossi – a famous impressionist in the 19 century and one of the fronts of the “macchiaiolo” movement. There is a really close connection between them. Roberto’s mother who is a designer has also influenced him a lot. As a young boy he starts helping her with the tailoring activities and when he is a teenager makes the decision to take up with the fashion and design. After really lots of hard work he manages get into the heart of the Italian art and painting culture – Florence. Original, innovative, seeking – he is one of the best students. Paining on the cloths and especially the printing is what he finds really exciting. Roberto is only 20 when with a friend of his they start experimenting in printing materials on table for table tennis. Years later when asked about what has mostly influenced him, Cavalli answers without any hesitation whatsoever – “The atmosphere of a town like Florence along with my family and entire daily life.”.

Fashion philosophy

His attitude towards the esthetic is completed with Cavalli after a long reconsideration of the phenomenon called – a woman and femininity. Thus his wok of an artist is a mixture of vital erotic and refine sex appeal combined with the street style and the breathtaking classiness. It is not once when Roberto Cavalli says that there is no complete image of the perfect woman. He also adds that she needs to have a distinguishable character, strong individuality and should never be afraid of being free. In an interview he shares that according to him the beauty comes from inside and is a reflection of each individuality. He compares the beauty with a business card that helps during the first meeting but is totally not sufficient for a second one.

Cavalli has been inspired by the nature itself, the animals, the flowers, the sky. Even in the candy shop owned by the artist you can find chocolates and cakes with the shape of zebras, tigers, snakes, parrots. The snake is actually his favorite animal as it growths and develops exactly the same as the fashion does. Later on the snake turns out to be Cavalli’s mascot and a symbol for his fashion house. While designing his collections with a string inspiration derived not only by the nature with its animals and plants. He is also inspired the people – those that have been occasionally met on the street, jogging in the park, having fun in a night club or just communicating via eye contact with him.

What is important about Cavalli are the natural, the harmony, the comfort. This is what motivates him to be spontaneous in his work, to avoid the strict principles and rules and just be free. Thus he is entirely dedicated to the artistic part while the finances are manages by his wife.

Cavalli and the celebrities

Cavalli has many relationships with the celebrities. He is also considered to be one of them. When celebrating the launch of his own brand of vodka at the ceremony there were numerous world famous musicians, movie stars, sport and fashion celebrities.

Among the celebrities wearing Cavalli’s clothes are : Brigitte Bardot, Jade Jagger, Halle Berry, Elle Macpherson, Jennifer Lopez, Bono, Lenny Kravitz, Mary J Blige, Ornella Muti, Elton John, the actors of ‘Sex and the city’, the members of Spice Girls.

Great affairs

All the great designers are at the same time scrappers. This is more due to the fact that they are bold and spontaneous. As there is nothing that can stop them they often break the rules and the laws. In 2006 Cavalli has been accused for hiding taxes and using large amounts of money for repair activities of his estate in Toscana. The sentence is 14 months imprisonment. The designer objects this sentence

Something really common as an affair around Cavalli are the endless demonstrations of the organizations protecting the rights of the animals such as ‘PETA”. Often members of the organization manage to cancel the reviews of the designer when reaching the scene naked and wearing posters with them saying: ‘Better walking naked than wearing leather’. Similar events are organized in front of his boutiques as well. As one of the favorite celebrities of the press they often write about him that has went bankrupt or is just resigning. Cavalli is also extravagant in his words saying that his life is day by day and he will never give up smoking. His charm and sense of humor though always manage to keep him away from such critics. Once he was asked what is the thing he would never give up, Cavalli answers: ‘My nose. I have never wanted to leave it.’

The Family

Cavalli’s family has always been full of artistry, free spirits, workaholics and responsibility. A really key role in the designers life has had his decision to take part into the Miss Universe competition in 1977. Eva Duringer, Miss Australia captures his heart. Their relationships are slowly but gradually moving forward. She becomes his inspiration and partner in life. They have three kids – Roberto, Danielle and Rachel. Cavalli has two other kids from his first marriage – Tomasso and Kristiana.

Roberto Cavalli is a really interesting personality. He is a realistic but extremely romantic person. He acknowledges that love is the most important thing in life but should be never compared with the sex. He loves giving presents but not getting such. His favourite author is Gabriel Garcia Markes and favorite fairy tales hero is Pinnochio. He likes only the clothes he has produced but claims that likes lots of other designers.

His fashion house is one of the most popular ones through the years. What they produce for the modern woman are clothes, shoes, underwear, accessories and perfumes. All of them suggested with a charm and fascination.

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