Perfume compositions

The impression left by each flavor is different. It may be challenging or distancing, open or discreet, intimate or moderate. Flavors are distinguished from one another not just by their scent but also by the duration they have. And this depends on the type of product used: Parfum or Eau de Parfum; Eau de Toilette or Spray Cologne. All of these have been created from a flavor concentrate, spirit and water. The proportions of these three elements form the differences when it comes to duration of scent. The added colors and antioxidants do not change the flavor and do not have a negative influence on its duration on the skin.

In a French manner they are called Parfum, by English manner – Perfume. They have a third name – Extrait, but it is old and is no longer in use. Perfumes are most concentrated and intense. In those the actual flavor is no more than 20-30% by law. Natural essences from flowers are used. They are extremely expensive and in most other compositions are present partially or in the form of an artificial replacement. Perfumes are sold in tiny falcons usually 7 or 15ml. these falcons interesting in shape, the package is pretty and speaks of elegance. In terms of quality perfumes are the best, in terms of price most expensive.

Eau de Parfum – EDP
Translated literally it means water from a perfume. Some producers use the name Parfum de Toilette. In terms of strength and duration the flavor comes in number 2. The flavor concentrates here are 15-25% and 96% alcohol. Eau de parfum, regardless of its name is suitable for women where perfumes are not just a habit but a way of life.

Eau de Toilette – EDT
In translation it means bathroom water. Its flavor is softer and weaker than и Eau de Parfum. Here the flavor concentrate is 10-20% in the female bathroom waters and 6-12% in male ones. The alcohol content is 85%.

Eau de Cologne – EDC
It is an analogue to Eau de Toilette. It is also called Eau de Cologne. The concentration of the flavor substances is 12-25%. The alcohol content in it – 80% or even less. In the perfume industry it is rarely produced for women, it is usually for men and has a weaker flavor.

As we can see in the different perfume compositions there are differences in the correlation of the concentrate of flavor oils and spirits. These differences match the duration and intensity of the flavor. Price on the other hand, even of the same substance depends on the type of composition under which it is sold. In some cases words such as “extreme” and “concentree” are added to the name of the scent and can reveal completely different matches in its contents.
It must be taken into account that the different perfume houses give their products different concentrations. Therefore it may appear that the bathroom water of one brand may be stronger than that of another brand.

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