Nature of perfumes

The narrow definition of perfumes – they are products intended to evoke certain aroma of the skin, hair, underwear, clothes, the air around the person who uses them. Perfumes have three characteristics – pleasantness of the aroma, intensity and longevity.

Intensity and longevity of perfumes
Each aroma has different intensity and longevity. The perfume scent goes through three stages: top, base and trace. The initial scent begins from the moment of application and ends up to the fifteenth minute. The real perfume qualities have been not revealed yet. They appear in 15 minutes and this is the base scent which lasts for 20 hours. In 20 hours the scent decreases its intensity. Yet, there is a trace that lasts the next 15-20 hours. It is good to change perfumes because our sense of smell gets used to the aroma we apply and in time we cannot feel it well enough. The quality of the perfume is not decreased as we might think. Its quality could be appraised by a person who is not accustomed to its fragrance.

Pleasantness of the aroma
The perfume scent is a combination of alcohol and composition. The composition is a combination of natural or artificial scents. These scents reach our senses in three stages. Therefore, they could be defined as top, heart and basic notes.

  • Top notes – they are usually light and gentle. Such aromas are often extracted from flowers, fruit or sweet spices. Our first impression of certain perfumes is based on the top notes. Their action is for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Heart notes – they emerge within fifteenth to twentieth minute and last up to one hour after application. Initial notes are usually on the base of etheric oils, ocean scents or herbal leaves.
  • Base notes – the most lasting notes. Their molecules are large, the evaporation is slower. Therefore they provide deepness and longevity of the perfume. For the base notes are often used mainly woody and herbal scents, musk some spices. They could be sensed one hour after application of the fragrance.

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