How do we match our clothes with the flavors we wear

It is a fact that certain types of colors mellow out or increase excitement. Flavors too have the ability to calm us down or to cause great emotions. If we match the right colors and flavors we may increase our chances of balanced behavior, good mood and uplifted spirit. It is only when they are selected correctly that they act accordingly.

White clothes. The color white symbolizes purity, virginity, transperancy and light. This color has the ability to cleanse our consciousness, calm down and retain harmony. When travelling a long distance you may want to wear white underwear. This way you will lower the effects of jet lag – namely tiredness. The white color also helps the brain to relax. It is advisable to match along flavors such as lavender and lemon. Altogether these will protect us from all kinds psychological and physical aggressions.

Perfumes suitable for white clothing – Guy Laroche – Drakkar (for men), Escada – Sunset Heat (for men), Cerruti – Cerruti (for men).

Yellow clothes. The color yellow increases our feeling of joy, makes us smile and be happy. Not only does this color stimulate the good mood but also has the ability to pass it onto others. It may help aid in resolving existing conflicts. It channels our ego and increases our will power.
When combined with lemon, citric fruits, oregano and camphor sadness and depression will disappear and we will become positively oriented. This combination helps to overcome jealousy, for the banishing of certain manias, phobias and unwanted thoughts. It also helps in solving problems quickly and successfully.

Perfumes suitable for yellow clothing – Jacomo – Deep Blue (for men), Carolina Herrera – 212 On Ice (for women).

Orange clothes. The orange color promotes the successful self reliability in the case of difficult situations. It strengthens intuition. It helps us to make the right decisions thus making us feel more relaxed and self-confident.
It is best matched with the flavors of orange, mandarin, cypress, coriander, mirta, kerdamon and cinnamon. This combination is extraordinary. It is thanks to this combination that we are able to understand and assimilate correctly the events happening around us; we are able to overcome our difficulty concentrating and avoid forgetfulness; we are able to prolong our concentration on relevant topics; we may even find it easier to fall in love.

Perfumes that best suit orange clothing – Zegna – Intenso (for men), Armani – Mania (for women), Givenchy – Irresistible Absolutely (for women).

Pink clothes. The color pink takes into dreaming and longing. It makes us sink into loving thoughts. It is a tender, soft and deep color – it aids in achieving relaxation and harmony. It helps in recovering our spirit and rebirths forgotten desires. It aids in recovery of our strength replenishes energy. It compensates the lack of cheerfulness and helps heal the feeling of drowsiness. It is best matched with the flavor of rose or rose tree. Such a combination is known to increase our need for love and tenderness, it will satisfy the need for caress and will protect us from the desire compensate through sweets and sugary foods.

Perfumes that best match pink clothingArmani – Diamonds (for women), Burberry Summer (for women), Bvlgari – Rose Essentielle (for women), Chanel – Allure Sensuelle (for women), Valentino – Rock ‘n Rose (for women).

Violet clothes. The color violet activates are thinking processes. It places us into a romantic and nostalgic state. It makes us sink into long forgotten but wonderful memories. When combined with the scent of violets and wax it will help stimulate our thoughts and also point them in a more positive direction. When combined with the flavors of geranium, chamomile and cedar – this combination helps relax and promote healthy sleep and the expulsion of nightmares. It also makes us consider befriending enemies.

Perfumes that match violet clothing – Dupont – Essence Pure (for men), Jacomo de Jacomo (for men), Paco Rabanne – XS (за мъже), Versace – Pour Homme (for men), Davidoff – Echo (for women), Salvatore Ferragamo – Incanto Heaven (for women).

Red clothes. The red color stimulates energy and guarantees a good beginning of the rest of the day. It activates our ability to organize, manage and earn material goods. Red underwear increases greatly sexual desires and arousals. It is best matched by flavors of red thyme, clove and sandal tree. These combinations will have an effect on our vitality and sexual fantasies.

Perfumes suitable with red clothing – Moschino – Moschino Uomo (for men), Yves Saint Laurent – Opium (for women).

Green clothes. The green color helps us breathe easy and relaxing. It has a positive effect when in contact with people that surround us. It makes us more tolerant, it makes us listen more carefully to the words and advise that people may give. This color helps us come out of isolation and release us from all kinds of addictions and unpleasant experiences.
It is best matched with the flavors of garden green tea, white thyme, peppermint, rosemary and boron. The combination of the green color with these flavors will strengthen the influence of the given nuance, it will release us from our problems and will present new horizons to look forward to.

Perfumes best matched with green clothing – Burberry – Burberry (for men), Gucci – Envy me (for women).

Blue clothes. The blue color stands for relaxation and peace. It helps block out stress, fear and anxiety. It helps in creating a feeling of peace.
This color develops volubility. It helps us to express ourselves freely and eloquently. It removes our anxiety when talking to people that surround us.
It is best matched with flavors of lavender, eucalyptus and rose. This combination has an intoxicating effect. Other than the uses of relaxation it can be used to prevent or reduce stress in front of an audience.

Perfumes that match blue clothing – Cerruti – Amber (for men), Estee Lauder – Pleasures (for men), Sarah Jessica Parker – Lovely (for women).

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