Lanvin Marry Me! Love Edition (for women)

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Lanvin Marry Me! Love Edition (for women) – An independent review

Perfume: Lanvin Marry Me! Love Edition (for women)
Aroma: floral fruity
Length of trail: 15 hours
Shelf life of unopened bottle: 3 years
Reason for use: every day
Suitable cases: beach, romantic date, wedding
Way of life: simple
Indicative price: $70 – $90 USD

Lanvin Marry Me! Love Edition (for women) – a brief history

Nearly two years after the perfume Marry Me (August 2010), Lanvin launches new limited edition Marry Me! Love Edition. The new fragrance was created especially for Valentine’s Day. The perfumer, who invented the composition of this incredibly romantic perfume is again Antoine Maisondieu. Marry Me! Love Edition is presented as “an ode to love and to humor dedicated to all the lovers of fashion.”
The creation of a new fragrance was inspired not only by the love trembling and innocent enthusiasm. In Marry Me! Love Edition amorous feelings are combined with the joy, laughter, and optimism. The emphasis is on the experience of being with people you love. Last but not least are the fashion and style. The class of this perfume evident in that the except charming, he is very delicate, sophisticated, and fine.

Perfume notes

Top notes – red currant, bitter orange;
Middle notes – red roses, jasmine, magnolia;
Base notes – musk, cedar.

Pyramid aromatic notes and duration of perfume scent

Marry Me! Love Edition unfolds with fresh fruity notes. The initial feeling is rich and generous. The presence of juicy drops of (red currant) is highly notable. Its sweetness is balanced by the bitter orange. The Interference of citrus fragrance in the composition makes the perfume lighter, fresher, full of optimism and ready for new challenges. Entering the heart, the smell is becoming more colorful. The colorful notes envelop the fruity notes to get a fascinating combination. The heart notes are a mix of fragrant flowers – red roses, jasmine and magnolia. The strongest and perhaps the only feel is of rose. Its flavor can not be wrong. However, the creation of the perfume was inspired by the scent of spring that is red roses. They are renowned not only for their clean, elegant appearance, but also with their beauty. The rose has always been the queen of flowers. The database is still under the influence of color chords. It can detect musk and cedar. They make perfume steady and durable.
The length of the trail is about 15 hours plus two hours a residual odor.

Recommended places to apply

Apply sparingly on the neck, décolleté and hands. Perfume is a spring-summer and will charge you a good mood.

Shape, shade and original wrapping

Marry Me! Love Edition is feminine, sensual, seductive. It is also a complex composition – at some moments the notes are generous in other – more subtle. The fragrance reflects the harmony between spontaneity and sedation. It shows the pure feminine nature, indicating that a woman might be soft, gentle, but can also follow the impulses, desires. Is there a greater desire than love, than being with your loved one and spend the time so cool?
The bottle of Marry Me! Love Edition is the same as the original Marry Me. The upper part looks like a glass ribbon. Of course, there is a real neck ribbon, made of red translucent material.The box is extremely fun because on it are illustrated two lovers. The drawing is rather colorful, full of humor. You can find perfume in a cut of 50 ml.

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