Lanvin Jeanne Lanvin (for women)

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Lanvin Jeanne Lanvin (for women) – An independent review

Perfume: Lanvin Jeanne Lanvin (for women)
Fragrance: floral fruity
Duration: 17 hours
Expiration time if not opened: 3 years
Occasion to use: daily
Appropriate cases: beach, shopping, date, a walk with friends
Way of life: casual
Approximate price: $22 – $85 USD

Lanvin Jeanne Lanvin (for women) – short history

The fashion house of Lanvin has launched their fragrance Jeanne Lanvin in July 2008 in Paris. The perfumer Anne Flipo has created it. What she mentions is that her desire has been to create something simple but at the same time classy – young and dare – the standard for the modern Lanvin woman. In the commercial the Jeanne Lanvin perfume is presented mainly conceptually. The stress is on the impact it has on the surrounding world and on its essence – it is inventive and pure. A combination of femininity and delicacy. In details the commercial shows the bottle itself – its shape and tap. The falling veils are revealing a sense that is extremely tender.

Perfume notes

Top notes – citruses, pear, blackberry;
Middle notes – raspberry, pink peony, white freesia;
Base notes – musk, sandalwood, amber.

Pyramid of aromatic feelings and duration of the fragrance

Jeanne Lanvin spreads with its top notes containing citruses, pear and blackberry. The first scent is the one of the citruses. It makes the fragrance really pure and fresh. Later on you can feel the fresh presence of the raspberry embraced with the sweet pear. Getting into the heart of the perfume the fragrance gets more and more colorful. The pink peony and the white freesia are creating a splendid magic. Extremely fascinating scents that are tender and are combined with the tasty raspberry touches. The base is a mixture of the musk, ambergris and the sandalwood. But even there the presence of the raspberry is significant.
To cut a long story short the multi level fragrance has the raspeberry notes really dominating and resistible. They are in a way completing the feeling for style and classiness but also create one really joyful outlook of the Jeanne Lanvin.
The duration of the perfume is really good – around 17 hours. In case you do not wash it away it will continue to embrace you with its residual fragrance for another 5 hours.

Recommended places to use

You should spread reasonably and discretely. The Jeanne Lanvin perfume is a really light one but this should not mislead you. Its power and resistance should not be underestimated. You can spray a small cloud around you and pass through it or to just enjoy a few drops on your wrists and neck.

Shape, shade and original wrapping

Sexy, intimate and charming – these are three most accurate definitions that match to Jeanne Lanvin. It is mainly suitable for young, bold and beautiful and trust me intelligent women. The fact that it is really obsessive may turn into a really dangerous weapon – you will neither remain unnoticed nor the interest will be an ordinary such thus you definitely need to be of a high class. You can count on the fact that the Jeanne Lanvin perfume will always give you a fresh start.
The bottle is with a long rectangular form. It is clear and the liquid in it is with a pink color. The pink veil spreads around the bottle as if it is around its waist and is bringing everyone’s attention to the name of the perfume. The tap is silver and stylish. You can find Jeanne Lanvin in sizes of 30, 50 and 100 ml.

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