Lanvin Jeanne la Rose (for women)

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Lanvin Jeanne la Rose (for women) – An independent review

Perfume: Lanvin Jeanne la Rose (for women)
Fragrance: floral fruity
Duration: 15 hours
Expiration time if not opened: 3 years
Occasion to use: daily
Appropriate cases: at work, out with friend, romantic dinner
Way of life: casual
Approximate price: $30 – $68 USD

Lanvin Jeanne la Rose (for women) – short history

Lanvin have launched their perfume Jeanne la Rose in March 2010. The successor of Jeanne Lanvin (2008) – Jeanne la Rose is considered to be the more contemporary and romantic version. The perfumer Olivier Pescheux has actually created this fragrance.

Perfume notes

Main notes – rose, raspberry, red currant, white musk, vetiver, cedar.

Pyramid of aromatic feelings and duration of the fragrance

The Jeanne la Rose perfume contains an amazing scent of rose. It is expressed in a really bright and splendid way. When inspiring the scent we are taken to a garden of roses – young, fresh roses that have just been covered with rain. What we can feel with the top notes is energy, optimism and freedom at the same time. During the next few minutes the scent turns to be a little bit fruitful. Raspberries and juicy grape are making this fragrance really a perfect one. In its heart the Jeanne la Rose perfume still has a dominating flower scent. Here it is combined with the grassy notes of the vetiver that can be hardly distinguished. The base is dry and hard – this is mixture between a white muck and a cedar. The musk is what helps to keep the fragrance stable. The cedar on the other hand makes it moderate elegant and adds it some delicacy.
The duration of Jeanne la Rose is really good – 15 hours when there is a residual scent for the next 2 hours.

Recommended places to use

Spray it around your neck, wrists and behind your knees – these are the places of your body that will hold the scent for a longer period of time. Then you just need to relax and enjoy the way the fragrance will softly embrace your body with a romantic feeling.

Shape, shade and original wrapping

The Jeanne la Rose perfume will really get to love it. It is a delicate, feminine and romantic one. Yes, it for sure takes the risk of being acknowledged as just another pink fragrance. It is ready though to deny all such prejudices with a really harmonious presentation. It is definitely not a shy one – on the contrary it is bold and confident. The perfume is suitable for both 20 year old girls and women of the age of 40.
The bottle of Jeanne la Rose resembles the one of the Jeanne Lanvin. It is solid with a rectangular shape and the tap is a grey elegant one. You can also see the pink liquid in it. The only difference is in the accessory – instead of a veil this bottle is arranged in another interesting way. A meshy fabric (light and dark pink) has been used for creating two flowers. They are placed right between the bottle and the tap. You can find Jeanne la Rose in sizes of 50 and 100 ml.

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