Lancome Magnifique (for women)

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Lancome Magnifique (for women) – An independent review

Perfume: Lancome Magnifique (for women)
Flavor: woody floral musk
Duration of scent: 18 hours
Expiration of unopened container: 3 years
Occasion of use: official
Appropriate occasions: world class events, special occasions
Way of life: luxury
Recommended price: $40 – $85 USD

Lancome Magnifique (for women) – short history

Lancome launched Magnifique in July 2008. Its permier was in Grand Palais in Paris. Anne Hathaway, the famous celebrity is the perfume’s model. It has been presented by the quote: “You are unique, you are Magnifique”.
The creators of Magnifique are two perfume specialists – Olivier Cresp and Jacques Cavallier.

Perfume notes

Main notes – jasmine, yellow crocus, Bulgarian rose, saffron, cumin, vetiver, sandalwood, nagarmote (Cavallier has stated that this is the first time in female perfumes that this substance has been used).

Pyramid of notes and duration of the perfume scent

The spicy tree flavor is designed for sensitive interpretation of the bright red color. The tree accords do not allow the flowers to unfold with all their tenderness and sweetness. It is necessary for a few minutes before the flavor of the spices unfolds. The perfume unfolds with sharp scent of citrus. The cumin can also be sensed. It is in moderate quantity but still in sharp tones with the rose notes. The roses and jasmine embrace the warm tree flavor in a strange light fog. The creation is a trembling exotic effect. There is a slight presence of powder. Overall the substances are rich and heavy. They carry the consciousness towards an illusionary silk darkness. The perfume scent is somehow dark and unclear. Hence the suggestion to be used during winter or autumn. The scent is impressive and pleasantly brave. It is far away from the notion of sweetness. On the contrary it is the spice and different that has been pressed on. The spices disappear relatively quickly, in a few hours. Afterwards the perfume becomes warmer and softer.
The time that Magnifique remains on the skin is impressive. It lasts around 18 hours. The remaining scent lasts for another 6-7 hours.

Preferred places of deposition

It is highly recommended for the perfume to be deposed moderately and from a certain distance. The presence that this perfume creates is significant. Magnifique protrudes among other tree flavors with its specific composition.

Shape, shade and original wrapping

This perfume is intended for the challenging and strong woman. For the woman ready to deal with anything that enters her path. The color of the container is red – bright, strong and vital color. The bottle is elegant, clean; it awakens curiosity and desire afterwards.
It can be found in 30, 50 and 100ml contrainers.

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