Get to know your loved one by the flavour he enjoys

Based on the statistics from Chinese tractates we can define the effect of perfume scents on people’s psychology. That way if our partner has a passion towards a particular flavour we can try and peek into his subconscious.

Rose. The scent of the rose has been considered magical and intoxicant since ancient times. It underlines elegance, the strife to happiness and higher love. The passion for perfumes that include the tender flower gives away feelings of faithfulness, devotion and sentimentality.

Buttercup. This flavour represents style, yearning and coquetry. People who use this flavour like to inflict jealousy. They strife to be attracting and wanted by everyone. At the same time though, ladies who have similar preferences are passive in their relationships.

Lavender. In ancient times lavender was used during rituals involved in the strengthening of the physical body and clearing of the mind. It is advisable to be sprayed on by someone who is expecting an important meeting or an important conversation. Lavender helps in relieving inner pain and restores emotions. It is especially useful after a hard day’s work.
If someone likes a perfume which contains plenty of lavender that means this person is afraid of strong emotions and holds everything within himself – from love affairs to workplace problems.

Orange. This is a scent that provokes the imagination and takes the conscious into unsuspecting dreams. The orange flavour as well as that of all other citric fruits shows the strife towards fun. It is not liked by people whose life is passive and sorted. Those who enjoy the flavour are dynamic, have a mood towards adventures, are romantic and like to flirt.

Fir tree. The scent of fir tree refreshes, tones and gives strength. People who use fir tree flavours strife towards victory regardless of where or how. Their long lasting goal is success and self reliance.

Cedar. This exclusive flavour makes us look deeper into ourselves, to appreciate our objective qualities and to uncover deepest desires. The scent of cedar is healing, it alleviates fatigue and tiredness. It is useful for people who have a high self esteem. People who enjoy the scent of cedar do not like to be the center of attention. They have a large inner world and do not let others into it. The lovers of this scent are devoted and great companions in life.

Eucalyptus. The flavour of eucalyptus creates thoughts of distant travels. People who enjoy this flavour most often dream of scorching sun and beautiful exotic beaches. A perfume which contains eucalyptus makes people go out more. Those who use it often do not like the place where they stay, they are bored of it. They are likely to give anything up for a week of travelling around the world. In the opposite sex they are solely attracted by the outer brilliance and extravagant vision.

Incense. This scent strengthens and protects people and their possessions. It also protects their home from evil powers. Incense is used to purify the spirit, it inspires and helps in meditation. Its main quality is that it opens the heart. In ancient times its scent was used during negotiations. The goal was to initiate more mellow talks and bend one to their will. The passion towards the flavour of incense means that one cannot deal with himself and feels rather confused. It is useful in the sense that incense helps him/her to be relieved from the negative emotions.

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