The impact of flavors on the sleep

Researchers from the Haidelberg’s University in Germany claim that the falvors a man senses during sleep have a positive effect not only on sleep itself but on our dreams also.

The German specialists have made an experimental research in which the participants would inhale different flavors during sleep. The flavors used were pleasant (rose, jasmine, other flowers and citric fruits) and unpleasant smells (rotten foods).

The research is one of a kind since up to this very moment the scientists did not have any data on the effect of flavors on the smell sense function.

The results from the research indicate that the unpleasant smells affect the mucosal gland in the nose. This appears to be a reason for the sending of signals to the brain which in turn cause unpleasant feelings and thus creating dreams with a negative emotional environment even sudden awakening. While using color or fruity scents the opposite effect is observed. The pleasant flavors retain the deep phase of sleep; they cause pleasant feelings to arise in the sleeping individual. His sleep is calm and his dreams pleasant.

Based on these results and conclusions the specialists planned the creation of a special therapy against sleep disorders and anxiety. It is an interesting fact that even centuries ago people have filled their pillows with rose and lavender colors. That is how they healed the ones who had difficulty sleeping and those who needed a deeper sleep. Researchers from England and Korea have confirmed with their own research the influence that color scents have on the sleep.

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