Hugo Boss XX (for women)

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Hugo Boss XX (for women) – An independent review

Perfume: Hugo Boss XX (for women)
Flavor: floral fruity
Duration of scent: 15 hours
Expiration of unopened container: 3 years
Occasion of use: everyday
Appropriate occasions: walking out, cinema, at the workplace
Way of life: normal
Recommended price: $20 – $65 USD

Hugo Boss XX (for women) – short history

Hugo Boss designer house launched two perfumes from its line in 2007 – XX for her and XY for him. The two flavors are individual and contrasting. XX becomes part of the first of series for him and for her. It is engrossing, challenging and desirable and still elegant and complex.

Perfume notes

Top notes – black currant, mandarin orange, litchi;
Middle notes – jasmine, rose;
Base notes – musk, sandalwood, basmati rice, amber.

Pyramid of the flavor notes and duration of the scent

The perfume is a combination of rich flower bouquet and refreshing fruit accords. You can sense a slight tree scent of ambergris and sandal tree. The basmati rice substance is more or less unusual but it is in no way too much. I would say this note is almost hard to catch but the effect it brings is rather underlining.
The perfume scent unfolds with its color notes – the jasmine and rose. Along the top notes the scent of mandarin is hardly felt. It is present with its slightly rough taste and freshness. Lichi, blackcurrant and basmati rice make up the heart notes. The flavor is dense in its base – completely tree-made from ambergris and sandal tree.
The perfume’s scent duration is approximately 15 hours. The remaining scent goes for another 10 hours.

Preferred places for deposition

It is best when sprayed along the neck, wrists and hair. Always make sure you are moderate despite your desire to be noticed by everyone. Patience is important – the flavor will unfold itself 15 to 20 minutes after the first spray.

Shape, shade and original wrapping

The perfume is defined as tender with more mature character. It combines the spirit of the modern, ambitious and succeeding woman.
The flavor is intriguing and impressive. At the same time it is suitable for dynamic movement.
You can find it in 40, 60 and 100ml containers. Its package is slightly golden and the contents appear as liquid gold.

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