Hugo Boss Pure Purple (for women)

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Hugo Boss Pure Purple (for women) – An independent review

Aroma: floral fruity
Lasting power of the trace: 16 hours
Shelf life of an unopened bottle: 3 years
Recommended use: everyday
Types of events: business meetings, walks,
Lifestyle: normal
Suggested price: $35 – $52 USD

Hugo Boss Pure Purple (for women) – a brief history

The perfume was launched on the market in January 2006. Will Andrews from P&G Prestige Products , said that that aroma was inspired by the scent of bitter almond and sweet melon that were especially grown in the French region Aix-en-Provence. He also added that the most pleasant aromas were created on the base of tasty notes. The perfume was created by Lutz Herrmann. He was inspired by the woman who is on the constant move.
In the advertisement of the perfume was also emphasized on vitality – the model Natasha Vojnovic is dancing in the New York streets.

Perfume notes

Top notes – nectarine, sweet melon, glazed orange zest;
Middle notes – white cyclamen, pieces of almond, dark violet;
Base notes – leather, amber, white marzipan.

Pyramid of the fragrance notes and longevity of the scent

The scent is gentle when applying. It combines floral and fruit accords, among them we can clearly distinguish the notes of nectarines and violet petals. The cyclamen is also sensed. In its hearth the perfume leads to the almonds, melon and oranges. The fragrance notes are absolutely different from analogical products in the shop. So, the greedy one should not be misleading. In the base notes, we could distinguish the string scent of velveteen. However it is made milder by the white marzipan. Even though they are very different, this perfume recalls moments of Thierry Mugler Angel, as if the glazed ingredients sparkle form time to time, in order to create the magic note.
Average longevity of the perfume is 16 hours. Fast moving time and business, where you won’t be aware how the time flies and you will be eager to spry that fresh fruit fragrance.

Recommended places

It is good to be applied on the neck, the area around the wrists, behind the knees. The perfume is light and gentle – its aroma will be with you all working day long or at weekend.

Shape, shade and original wrapping

Feminine, addictive and seductive. This perfume is intended for the women on the move, who are strong enough to achieve their goals. The perfume is seductive in order to provoke self- confidence and assist success to be reached.
It is available in a violet flask in 30, 50 and 90ml.

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