Hugo Boss Boss Femme (for women)

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Hugo Boss Boss Femme (for women) – An independent review

Perfume: Hugo Boss Boss Femme (for women)
Flavor: floral fruity
Duration of scent: 15 hours
Expiration of unopened container: 3 years
Occasion of use: official
Appropriate occasions: night out, important business meetings, public performances
Way of life: elegant
Recommended price: $40 – $62 USD

Hugo Boss Boss Femme (for women) – short history

Hugo Boss designer house launched this perfume towards the end of August beginning of September 2006. The choice for the advertisement model surprised nobody. The astonishing beauty Julia Stegner presented the tender and highly feminine flavor Boss Femme.

Perfume notes

Top notes – freesia, black currant, tangerine;
Middle notes – jasmine, Bulgarian rose, lily;
Base notes – apricot, lemon, amber.

Pyramid of the flavor notes and duration of the scent

In the beginning the flavor is very strong. In the top notes the mandarin and blackcurrant juice protrude. The presence of freesia is lightly sensed. After a few minutes the scent becomes surprisingly soft and warm. It has a slightly sweet flavor. It is the heart notes that contribute to this flavor – Madagascar jasmine, oriental lily and fragrant rose. The base is harder but still tender and pleasant. Fruity accords and colorful scents have again been combined here.
The basis notes are: apricot, Ceylon lemon, musk and leaves of the above presented rose. The perfume is an exclusively successful combination of freshness and irresistibility which is accomplished both through the colorful bouquet and the refreshing fruit juices.
Boss Femme is long lasting. Its scent’s duration is around 15 hours.

Preferred places for deposition

It is advisable to depose according to your own preferences depending on whether you want to impress someone or make everybody notice your presence. The flavor is tender but at the same time very dense and strong. Hence my advise – spray in moderation.

Shape, shade and original wrapping

Boss Femme becomes a favorite for almost every woman that smelled its fragrance. It is very convincing in its qualities that is why every age restriction would be useless. It is suitable for both young and more mature women. The flavor is capturing, attracting, charming and romantic. Every woman would be made to feel real tender and beautiful. But then again this is the whole point. The bottle and cap remind of a small cylinder that both the parts fit perfectly. They are transparent with pink nuances coming from the container contents. You can find it in 30, 50 and 100ml containers.

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