Gucci Gucci Eau de Parfum II (for women)

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Gucci Gucci Eau de Parfum II (for women) – An independent review

Perfume: Gucci Gucci Eau de Parfum II (for women)
Fragrance: floral fruity
Duration: 15 hours
Expiration time if not opened: 3 years
Occasion to use: daily
Appropriate cases: at work, on a date, at the cinema, on the beach
Way of life: casual
Approximate price: $37 – $85 USD

Gucci Gucci Eau de Parfum II (for women) – short history

In 2004 – two year after the presentment of the Gucci Eau de Parfum (2002) the fashion house has launched the second one from the series – Gucci Eau de Parfum II. The perfumer Antoine Maisondieu is the actual designer of the composition. There are two commercial campaigns. One of them is black and white such and the Japanese model and actress Ai Tominaga is the front of this commercial. She has been photographed naked with her hair falling around. However this is not really that erotic but more is a reminder for the freshness and femininity. In the other commercial it is the Ukrainian model Snejana Onopka who is the front of the advertisement. Dressed elegantly with a heavy make-up. She is staring at the lens but at the same time is holding a mirror showing her face in profile. One of the messages of this picture might be that the Gucci Eau de Parfum II is exactly as we see it – calm, confident, very sexy and charming. The double vision matches the number in the name of the perfume – it might turn out that also its style and features are doubled.

Perfume notes

Top notes – bitter orange, mandarin orange, black currant, red berries, Cassia;
Middle notes – blackberry, peony, violet, lily of the valley, jasmine, freesia;
Base notes– heliotrope, musk, cedar.

Pyramid of the aromatic notes and duration of the fragrance

The Gucci Eau de Parfum II spreads with the orange notes – slightly bitter but still presented in a really elegant way. Combined with the mandarin they add a really incredible freshness to the fragrance.
We are getting into the core due to the berries. The blackberry is easily distinguished. It is dominating and easily recognized. The scent is getting a lot more colorful when getting into the core. The peony and jasmine have a really strong presence. Their fragrance is strongly supported by the tender lilies and violets. It seems that the freesia is getting somehow lost among the rest of the scents.
In the base we still feel the color-fruitful notes of the fragrance. It is a little bit drier as is flavored with the woody touches of the cedar tree. The musk is amazing – supporting the casual and a bit more grassy than colorful heliotrope.
In general I would say that the Gucci Eau de Parfum II is a fragrance owning blackberry scents as if numerous berries, mainly blackberries have been dipped into a tender floral liquid.
The duration of the fragrance is around 15 hours – a lot of time available to enjoy this splendid elixir.

Recommended places to use

Would recommend the hot spots on the body as there is no way to make an error with them as they are holding the fragrance for plenty of time. At the same time they would make you feel more feminine, wanted and sexy.

Shape, shade and original wrapping

The Gucci Eau de Parfum II is light, casual and flirting. The trace left is definitely fascinating. Its simplicity and nice ingredients are what is turning it into a modern and attractive perfume for the young women. Using it they can feel calmness and freedom at the same time. This will definitely make them feel happy.
The coverage is similar to the one of Gucci Eau de Parfum (2002). The bottle is with a rectangular form and the glass is firm. The tap is a large one with a cylindrical form. The only difference compared to the Gucci Eau de Parfum (2002) is the color of the liquid which Is not brown but is light pink. You can find it in various sizes of 30 ml., 50 ml. and 75 ml.

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