Gucci Gucci Eau de Parfum (for women)

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Gucci Gucci Eau de Parfum (for women) – An independent review

Perfume: Gucci Gucci Eau de Parfum (for women)
Fragrance: oriental spicy
Duration: 17 hours
Expiration time if not opened: 3 years
Occasion to use: official
Appropriate cases: dates, business meetings, special occasions
Way of life: luxurious
Approximate price: $39 – $98 USD

Gucci Gucci Eau de Parfum (for women) – short story

The fashion house of Gucci has launched their fragrance Gucci Eau de Parfum in 2002. Using the idea of Tom Ford, the perfumer Daniela Roche – Andrier creates the fragrance composition. During the presentment of Gucci Eau de Parfum, Ford claims that what he wanted is to launch on the market a fragrance that is very very Gucci and also really feminine and elegant. He is really confident to add that the for each woman that is wearing it this will be the perfume of her life.
Michael Soo is a photographer of the commercial pictures while a front of the fragrance is the beautiful model Celeste. About her and the photo shooting Michael Soo says that she possesses an irresistible zest and ability to disclose. That is the reason why he has been looking for her wild and open-minded side. On one of the pictures Celeste’s hair is flying across her face and her look is so deep and enigmatic. Michael Soo adds that for this splendid picture has contributed also Jorge – the makeup artist. The most difficult task while doing the makeup is when it is really hard to say whether there is a makeup and model looks splendid. Here the three of them – the model, the makeup artist and the photographer have made a great job as the picture is more than powerful.

Perfume notes

Top notes – orange blossom, heliotrope;
Middle notes – iris, thyme, caraway;
base notes – vanilla, white musk, incense, cedar, sandalwood, leather.

Pyramid of the aromatic notes and duration of the fragrance

The perfume spreads in a way that it stays really natural. It looks like it has kept in a magical way the features of every ingredient taken straight from the nature.
The color of Gucci Eau de Parfum is a little bit strange and scary. It is brown and green-black shades. Some people find this color rather mystic and intriguing. It looks as if the ingredients are derived from rare, strongly fragrant and colorful plants. In any way the expected effect when noticing the color is that the fragrance will slowly disclose itself. And that is the truth – it takes quite some time in order to guess the substance and its character.
The first feeling that can be noticed is of heliotrope. It is soft, delicate but still grassy – its colorful presence is really noticeable. The citrus is slightly bitter but adds freshness. In general the introduction is sharp, bold and the feeling is strange. The fragrance slightly turns from oriental to sweet. The thyme and the iris offer charm and sensuality. A harmony with the cinnamon is actually formed that brings calmness and warm.  The sweet fragrance is enforced by the vanilla in the core. The musk is easily distinguished. Now Gucci Eau de Parfum gets woodier because of the cedar and sandal trees. The incense reveals one deep sensuality. If we reach it we can finally feel the pleasure of having conquered this fragrance or more likely that it has conquered us. The scent is at first scaring that will be a heavy such, however at the end the perfume starts calming down as if it is a scent of chocolate-vanilla pudding.
The duration of the fragrance is satisfactory – around 17 hours.

Recommended places to use

You can spray it wherever you chose but you need to be reasonable – at least this is our only advice. This fragrance should be wore delicately mainly due to its multilayer structure and the contradicting attitudes.

Shape, shade and original wrapping

Gucci Eau de Parfum is a quality and strong fragrance. It posses the flamboyance of the luxury perfumes. It is really powerful in spreading femininity and being deep and complicated. However it is really not for everyone as it is a perfume that cannot be easily liked. In case you find it interesting and your instinct says that you can get to know it – then try it. However you will definitely need time in order to start liking and even adoring it. It is not only getting used to its nature. You need to appreciate it and even get into it. Once this happens you will be captures by the Gucci Eau de Parfum and it really will turn into the perfume of your life.
The bottle is splendid and steady, definitely typical for Gucci – the liquid as mentioned above is brown. You can find it in various sizes of 30 ml., 50 ml. and 75 ml.

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