Gucci Gucci by Gucci (for women)

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Gucci Gucci by Gucci (for women) – An independent review

Perfume: Gucci Gucci by Gucci (for women)
Fragrance: chypre floral
Duration: 7-10 hours
Expiration time if not opened: 3 years
Occasion to use: official
Appropriate cases: nights out with friends or beloved person
Way of life: luxurious
Approximate price: $80 – $100 USD

Gucci Gucci by Gucci (for women) – short history

The Gucci by Gucci perfume is named this easy to remember way as the idea was to turn into the main women fragrance of the company. The perfumer Ilias Ermenidis is the one that has created it. The fashion house of Gucci has launched Gucci by Gucci in 2007. The commercial of this fragrance is directed by David Lynch. The music involved as a background is of Blondie, and the song’s title is Heart of Glass. The Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen is taking part in the video along with the Russian model Natasha Poly and the Brazilian model Raquel Zimmerman. The colors in the commercial along with the clothes of the three beautiful ladies are brown and golden – reminding the vision of Gucci by Gucci‘s bottle. The models are having fun, dancing somehow captured by the beautiful fragrance.

There are two other commercials presenting Gucci by Gucci. The Serbian model Danijela Dimitrovska is participating in one of them. The music used for background belongs to Bat For Lashes – What’s a girl to do? The text really suits the story of the commercial. The beautiful Danijela feels alienated from her boy-friend, he is touching and kissing her but it seems like it is too late for their love. The Gucci by Gucci perfumes plays the role of that small thing that makes her look gorgeous despite the story around. The perfume is not only stressing on her femininity but also gives her confidence and power to act the way she considers appropriate to. The other commercial is not related to breaking up but to a flirt. The action takes place in a hotel where a man and a woman are on a date. The attraction between them cannot be stopped. The man is fascinated by the beautiful lady and follows her into the bar, to the lift and into her room. They do not have to say a word as their eyes and passion are saying enough. One of the main reasons for this unstoppable attraction is of course Gucci by Gucci.

Perfume notes

Top notes – guava, pear, raspberry, chamomile;
Middle notes – orange, lily, Tiare flower;
Base notes – honey, patchouli, musk.

Pyramid of the aromatic notes and duration of the fragrance

The perfume is described as a floral one with fruitful exfoliation of guava and raspberry. The first notes are strong and bold. Gradually the fragrance is getting calmer due to the chamomile and the sweat pear. While getting into the heart the fruitful shades are turning into floral such. In the heart there are fragrances of tender lilies and beautiful flowers Tiare brought from Haiti. The orange color adds more freshness and lightness. In the base the colorful touches are not that clear any more. The scent is getting drier and sort of harder. One can feel something fruitful – maybe it is still the orange. The musk and patchouli are really delicate. You can feel the fragrance of tasty honey that richly adds calmness and sweetness. This unique and still interesting way Gucci by Gucci manages to achieve integrity of the composition.
The perfume lasts around 15 hours when there are another 3 hours of residual scent.

Recommended places to use

This is a rich, juicy fragrance that will embrace slowly your entire body regardless of the place where you have laid it. The best idea would be to spray 2 small clouds and slowly pass through them

Shape, shade and original wrapping

Gucci by Gucci possesses a fragrance that can be so easily distinguished. It is really exotic and sultry. The perfume is suitable for mature women around 30-40 year old. As it is really bold and heavy, the perfume is not that suitable for daily use when you are at work, on a walk or at the fitness. It perfectly suits the colorful and sometimes dark autumn, the second half of the day, the special private moments.
The Gucci’ bottle is always attractive – brown with a golden tap. You can find the perfume packed in bottles of 50 ml. or 75 ml.

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