Fragrance Tips And Tricks

A bit of history… and new technologies

It was considered in the past that the pulse points of the wrists, behind the knee joints and the zone behind the ears are the most suitable points for perfume application.
The reason of this is that the combination of perfume ingredients is activated as a result of touching and warmth of the body.
Today technologies for perfume designing are advanced. It is enough the aroma to be applied on the upper part of the body, depending on the preferences of the man or the woman. In a few minutes, it embraces with its scent the whole body, as well the zone around it.

Providing of effect – presence, discretion and seduction
The choice for perfume application depends on the individual preferences of the person who use it. Although that today aromas are of a high quality and long lasting, the proper use is a real art.
It is necessary the hot point of the body to be considered, in order to ensure the desired effect. The aroma might remind of presence, to hint discretion, witty underline the appearance and reach seduction.

Points and Techniques of Application
It is recommended to spray directly on the skin, before dressing.

  • when it is applied on the wrist – they don’t have to be rubbed each other because in this manner the scent is weakened and scattered;
  • when it is applied between the breasts – it is recommended to spray could form a distance 15-20 cm;
  • when it is applied on the neck – it is good also a cloud to be sprayed, otherwise there would be concentrated stains on the skin;
  • when it is applied behind the ears – first spray your fingertips and then carefully rub the aroma;
  • when it is applied behind the knees – have the moderation to be a challenge because there the aroma will be preserved the longest;
  • when it is applied on the hair – know that the Sebaceous glands on the scalp will make the scent sharper and this is not the most recommended place for perfuming. Indian women do not take into consideration this fact and apply most frequently the aroma on their hair.

Clever tips for light/dark/dry/greasy skin
Este Lauder – the Queen of world cosmetic industry gives the advice to spray twice in the air and to go through the aroma veil, in order to embrace us. A witty trick for lasting of the scent is the perfume to be applied on wet skin, immediately after having a shower.
Lasting power of the perfume depends not only on the zone it is applied on. It also depends on the type of the skin. Light skin tends to keep the aroma for shorter than dark one and needs more often spraying.

Consider jewellery, clothes and underwear when applying perfume
If you usually get dressed and then apply your favourite perfume, it is important to consider few facts. The fabric of underwear or clothing might be damaged by some of perfume ingredients which have a bleaching effect. In order to avoid this, presently people tend to sew up a piece of woollen or velvet fabric and apply the perfume on it. In this manner, not only clothes are safe but the evaporating perfume is spreading on the whole clothing.
Avoid spraying on your jewellery. Metal and pearls are especially vulnerable to changes.

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