Female scents depending on the male zodiac

Knowing a little more about the zodiac signs we can help you choose the right person.
That way using the right flavor you will be able to attract his attention and awaken the curiosity in his interests. But keeping him will rely entirely on your own abilities and qualities.

The male Aries is dynamic, impatient and in most cases open. He loves honor, is stubborn and sometimes rough. You cannot win his heart with just signs. You need a fragrance that is strong enough and honest. Our advice is to place your trust in the Paloma Picasso or the modern Agent Provocateur.

The male Taurus loves all pleasures that life can offer, we strives towards physical and psychological comfort, avoids sudden changes because he fears them. He is very sensitive, slow and indecisive. In order to awaken his flame you will need the warm earth scents, tender flowers and fresh fruits like Diorella by Christian Dior, Noa by Cacharel or Chance by Chanel.

The male Gemini prefers to live for the moment. He is smart, intellectual and not very sensitive. The woman who wants to embrace this unpredictable and energetic sign must rely on perfumes rich in color flavors. We suggest Miracle by Lancome and Beautiful by Estee Lauder.

The male Cancer is rather shy but when he allows you near you realize that he has an impressive nature. In a relationship he values caress the most, tenderness and devotion. Before buying a perfume that would fit this romantic zodiac sign you have to know a few things first. The flavor must be discreet and you yourself have to depose it discreetly so that it can be sensed from a close distance. Choose a flavor that reminds of summer and its warm days. We suggest Herba Fresca by Guerlain, Anais Anais by Cacharel, Premier Jour by Nina Ricci.

The male Leo is very self reliant in his supremacy. He loves to live large, to buy expensive clothes and quality perfumes outlining his vision. When deposing the flavor that you have in mind to impress do not save it. We recommend the following flavors Champs Elysees by Guerlain and Private Collection by Estee Lauder.

The male Virgo is practical, smart and frugal. He pays enormous attention to health and body comforts. He is extremely careful towards everything including flavors. He often prefers the natural smell of the pure body in favor of expensive perfumes. When spraying be moderate. It is important for the scent to be moderate and balanced. We suggest a slightly sweet color flavor Oui by Lancome and also Allure by Chanel.

The male Libra is known for his unmatched sense of style. He is differentiated by his taste and sense towards aesthetics. When it comes to choosing clothes and perfumes he goes for the classic elegance. By betting on the color flavors you will not lose. We recommend that you try Chanel N5 and Climat by Lancome.

The male Scorpio is the most passionate and sensitive of the zodiac signs. At first he may seem shy and discreet and seem like he does not want to show you much of himself. But in reality he is the heart of a company and possesses strong and powerful character. But in order to take over him you must bet on the strong flavors like Opium by YSL and Poison by Christian Dior. The unmatched combination of sweet vanilla and exotic ambergris will take him out of balance.

The male Sagittarius is a great optimist. He possesses brightly visible sexuality, likes changes and variance. In order to awaken his curiosity towards you a great effort will be needed. Your perfume must be obvious, challenging with notes of seduction. Try using Magie Noire by Lancome as well as Must by Cartier and you will not be wrong.

The male Capricorn is reserved and hopeful. He does fancy too much showing off and extravagance. That goes also for his attitude towards perfumes. This sign prefers for his feminine half to use the classic feminine scent, with a long lasting but too heavy flavor. You will not be wrong to try Samsara by Guerlain or Nina by Nina Ricci – they will always remain in fashion.

The male Aquarius is a bright and spontaneous persona. He likes to experiment and likes high speeds. He enjoys more of the sharp flavors, strong enough in order to fit in with his own character. For the Aquarius it is perfect for the abundant notes to be patchouli. In order to be entrapped try Deci-Dela by Nina Ricci, Miss Dior by Christian Dior or Shalimar by Guerlain.

The male Pisces is unusually tender and hurtful. He understands all nuances of emotions with little or no effort. In order to seduce a representative of this zodiac sign you should choose a number of perfumes and swap them around from time to time. Pisces themselves are changeable enough and inconsistent. Try once the bright scents of Coco by Chanel or Diva by Emanuel Ungaro, and at another time try the lighter and more innocent 1881 by Nino Cerruti or 212 by Carolina Herrera.

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