Essential oils

We present you more information on the more popular of essential oils. Despite having medicinal qualities, they also found their place in the perfume industry.

Ambergris. Favorable substance which resembles tree resin. It does not contain any alcohol and that is what makes the ambergris one of the high class and expensive oils – in ancient times it was worth more than gold. It is a strong aphrodisiac.

Bergamot. It resembles a small citric fruit. It is an excellent antiseptic highly efficient in loss of appetite, intestinal parasites and koliki. It helps fight off fungus infections. It lowers down high temperature in colds, relieves the throat and makes the soreness go away. The oil extracted from the fruit’s skin is used not only in the perfume industry but in confectionery also.

Pine tree. It helps destroy the bacteria and viruses in the air. It increases bronchial secretion. It creates a relaxing feeling. Its oil is extremely valuable in the perfume industry.

Basil. It’s called “king’s herb”. It has a tonic, antiseptic and anti-depressive quality.

White musk. It is extracted from the reproductive glands of a mountain deer. Since this type of deer is threatened by extinction the oil is extracted through a synthetic way by combining extracts and plants. It is highly aphrodisiac. Its flavor is seductive. It refreshes and attracts. It stimulates sexually and increases perception. Also very tonic.

Vanilla. It comes from a family of orchids and has a very strong scent. It relieves and frees the consciousness from fear and insecurity.

Grapefruit. It has an antiseptic and tonic quality. It acts as a painkiller. It is used in problems with the nervous system due to its relieving quality. It also has an anti-cellulite appliance.

Ginger. It is extremely popular in India and China. It possesses refreshing and anti-cellulite qualities.

Eucalyptus. It comes from the myrtle family. Its leaves and branches contain airy oils which are used widely in the perfume and medicine industry. It exterminates the causal agents of dysentery and similar others. It prevents the growth and development of tuberculosis bacteria.

Fir-tree. It increases stubbornness and improves the mood. It helps at times of eye tiredness and sharpens your vision. It is a natural source of vitamins and phytoncides.

St John’s Wort. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities. It stimulates the metabolism and blood flow. It calms down the nervous system and is used as an antidepressant.

Green tea. It cleanses the body, stimulates the heart and lowers the blood pressure. Its tonic, rejuvenates and protects the skin. It is also an antioxidant.

Geranium. It helps fight diabetes, balances the hormones and is an antidepressant. It has a calming effect and acts favorably on the skin.

Ylang ylang. It is a Chinese plant from which airy oil is extracted. It has a warm, soft and exotic flavor. It effect on the nervous system is calming. It refreshes and stimulates the brain activity. It relieves headaches and lowers the arterial pressure. It is an antidepressant. Very good on the skin when exposed to stress. It has uses for its anti cellulite qualities. Also acts as an aphrodisiac.

Cinnamon. It possesses strong antioxidant qualities. It is used to increase the concentration and to cast away stress and dark thoughts.

Cloves. Strong aphrodisiac. Efficient against pain. Strengthens the immune system.

Cypress. It heals headaches. It helps against stomach, liver and kidney and intestinal problems. It strengthens the cell walls, stops the blood flow when cut and prevents the development of atherosclerosis.

Coriander. Has a positive effect on memory. It relieves nervous tenseness.

Lavender. Helps to relieve tiredness and sleeplessness. It calms when overactive. Very effective against headaches and migraine. It improves the body’s immunity towards infectious diseases. It is used against dandruff and to help strengthen the hairs. It is used in paints, soaps and perfumes.

Chamomile. Antiseptic, antispasmoic and pain relieving substance. Helps with headaches and can be used for baths and massages.

Lemon. Helps with headaches, vertigo and nausea caused by cells in the brain. Its tonic to the nervous and vegetative system. It has antiseptic and antibacterial qualities.

Lemon grass. It cleanses and tones the skin and helps with widened arteries.

Mandarin. It is an antiseptic. It tones, calms and serves as a sedative. It lowers the arterial pressure and lowers the blood pressure also.

Lemon balm. Parcels calls it “elixir of life”. The lemon balm airy oil is among the most expensive in the world due it being hard to find. It has healing qualities. It stabilizes the nervous system. It is used against depression, tension, stress and fear. It contains antiviral substances and helps against colds and flues.

Thyme. It has an antiseptic and relieving qualities. It reduces tiredness. It is used against sleeplessness. The extraction of airy oils is a long and hard process.

Peppermint. Perfect against headaches, high temperature and tiredness. It stimulates the brain and helps promote better digestion. It has a wide usage in the perfume industry – it is necessary for the leaves to be picked when first in bloom.

Patchouli. Indo-Malaysian plant with strong, specific scent that helps against cold, flu and herpes. It is also used against fungal infections, allergies and even depression. It is a very strong erotic stimulator.

Orange. A sweet citric fruit. It helps against tiredness, headaches and calms during depression. Its skin and leaves are used in the perfume industry.

Rose. She is the “queen of flavors”. The most expensive airy oil in the world – 3 tones of rose color are necessary for the making of 1 liter of rose airy oil. It possesses numerous qualities. It clears the consciousness, stimulates brain activity and increases concentration. It lowers the heartbeat which makes the rose color very appropriate for the reduction of stress and tension. It heals, rejuvenates, recovers and hydrates.

Rosemary. It is used as a painkiller. It has rejuvenating cell recovering and antiseptic qualities.

Sandal. It helps in case of sleeplessness. A highly erotic substance which helps in the elimination of slag from the body.

Rhus cotinus. It is a bush that contains 25% oak substances. Among them a high percentage falls on the airy oil found in the base of some perfumes. It has a disinfecting and anti-inflammatory property.

Incense. It helps in the recovery of the body. It is used for its calming effect. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Juniper. It possesses antiseptic qualities, it releases toxins from the body and is used in anti cellulite procedures.

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