Dolce&Gabbana The One Lace Edition (for women)

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Dolce&Gabbana The One Lace Edition (for women) – An independent review

Perfume: Dolce&Gabbana The One Lace Edition (for women)
Fragrance: oriental floral
Length of trail: 11 hours
Shelf life of unopened bottle: 3 years
Reason for use: official
Suitable cases: holiday, special occasion, milestone
Lifestyle: luxury
Indicative price: $51 – $68 USD

Dolce&Gabbana The One Lace Edition (for women) – a brief history

Dolce&Gabbana launches on the market The One Lace Edition in 2011. The perfume is a part of the line The One (2006). For the creation of the fragrance The One Lace Edition, the brand is inspired by the idea of the lacy lingerie. That’s why the perfume reveals its sensual, sexual, seductive side.
The advertising campaign was shot by photographer Jean Baptiste Mondino. In front of the lens stands the beautiful actress Scarlett Johansson. She is the advertising face of any line of perfume The One. Here, her vision is very elegant – she is with short curly hair and a black lace dress. Concerning the perfume she says: “it really represents a feeling of self confidence and self-assuredness. Someone who feels like they walk into a room, they own it and they’re comfortable in their own skin and they’re comfortable with who they are”.

Perfume notes

Top notes – peach, mandarin orange, litchi, bergamot;
Middle notes – jasmine, lily of the valley, lily, plum;
Base notes – vanilla, vetiver, musk, amber.

Pyramid of the aromatic notes and duration of the scent

The One Lace Edition unfolds with bitter notes of green mandarin. The scent seems to be strong and sharp, but after minutes is softened by ripe peach. The bergamot stays little in shadow. The fruity feeling is reinforced by the presence of plum in the heart of the fragrance. The middle notes are very delicate, sensual, ethereal. They are a combination of jasmine, lily, and lily of the valley. However the perfume has exotic character. The vanilla in the base is not very strong and the scent is not too sweet. At the base you can detect the green notes of vetiver. They are combined with the musk and the ambergris. Overall, The One Lace Edition is more different from the original The One. The new scent is more restrained, strictly required. Mysterious and at the same time sensual. The One is more sweet, open, and casual.
The length of the trail is about 11 hours plus one hour residual odor.

Proper season and recommended places to apply

The One Lace Edition is the fragrance suitable for the autumn and the winter. It brings a dose of diversity in colder days and nights. Spray a cloud in the air in front of you and go through it and then apply sparingly on the wrists.

Shape, shade and original wrapping

The One Lace Edition is a great addition to your vision if you want to make an impression, to arouse interest or to seduce someone. This fragrance would have brought you success and achieved it in style. The One Lace Edition does not imitate any other perfume, even its predecessor. The bottle is with the same shape, but decorated with black lace elements – small flowers. It can be found in package of 50 ml.

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