Dolce&Gabbana Rose The One (for women)

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Dolce&Gabbana Rose The One (for women) – An independent review

Perfume: Dolce&Gabbana Rose The One (for women)
Aroma: floral
Length of trail: 12 hours
Shelf life of unopened bottle: 3 years
Reason for use: every day
Suitable cases: business meeting, going out with friends, a romantic walk with your favorite person.
Lifestyle: casual
Indicative price: $57 – $101 USD

Dolce&Gabbana Rose The One (for women) – a brief history

Dolce&Gabbana launched their fragrance, Rose The One in 2009. The perfume follows its two predecessors from the line – The One (2006) and L’Eau The One (2009). The composition of the Rose The One was developed by the perfumer Michel Girard.
The TV advertising of the perfume was shot by the photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino. The soundtrack of the video is on Ennio Morricone. The advertising face of the Rose The One is a beautiful American actress Scarlett Johansson. The colors in advertising are very well matched – white furniture, pink curtains, blond curls of Scarlett, her porcelain skin, pink dress and pink juicy lips. She lies in the bed, treating herself with strawberries. Equally tempting is also Rose The One, knowing that in the basis of its composition stands the most powerful among all the flowers – the Rose.

Perfume pyramid

Top notes – black currant, mandarin orange, grapefruit, lily;
Middle notes – peony, rose, lily of the valley, litchi;
Base notes – vanilla, white musk, sandalwood, ambrette.

Pyramid of the aromatic notes and duration of the scent

Rose The One unfolds with refreshing notes of fresh citrus. Among fruit nuances differ blackcurrant, grapefruit and tangerine. The top chords are not entirely fruits, they are balanced by the colorful bouquet of lilies. The emphasis is still colorful in the heart of the perfume. It overflows with a sense of femininity, tenderness, and complexity. Are combined rose, peony and lily of the valley. The notes take away from the sweetness of the scent and make it sour. The base is still fresh – it consists of a soft woods and vanilla nuances. The musk makes the perfume steady, serious and sophisticated.
The length of the track is pretty good – about 12 hours plus 2 hours residual odor.

Proper season and recommended places to apply

I recommend Rose The One for spring-summer season, as it is not heavy, strong flavor, but it is light and sensitive. At the same time is very feminine.
Apply sparingly around the neck and décolleté.

Shape, shade and original wrapping

Despite its name, Rose The One is not subordinate to the impact of the Rose, but stated directly that is colorful, delicate, and light flavor. For this suggests its bottle – the pink cap and pink fragrant liquid. The bottle is very stylish – innocent pink blends into golden glows. It can be found in package of 30 ml., 50 ml. and 75 ml.

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