Chopard Brilliant Wish (for women)

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Chopard Brilliant Wish (for women) – An independent review

Perfume: Chopard Brilliant Wish (for women)
Fragrance: oriental floral
Length of trail: 8 hours
Shelf life of unopened bottle: 3 years
Reason for use: official
Suitable cases: business meeting, club, special occasion
Lifestyle: luxury
Indicative price: $26 – $67 USD

Chopard Brilliant Wish (for women) – a brief history

Chopard launched Brilliant Wish in March 2010. It is the the fifth diamond of thee series Wish. In chronological order they are displayed as follows – Wish (1999), Wish Pink Diamond (2005), Wish Turquoise Diamond (2007), Wish Magical Nights (2008). There is another perfume of the line – Wish Pure, but its bottle is not with the shape of a gem, besides its flavor is different as a sensation.
The creators of Brilliant Wish are the perfumers Louis Turner and Michel Girard. The perfume was presented in the following way – “Magic universe reveals woman’s elegance and endless glow. Such a woman deserves a unique jewel. A jewel of timeless beauty. A diamond. A perfume. Wish.”

Perfume notes

Top notes – fruity and floral notes;
Middle notes – jasmine, pink pepper;
Base notes – woody notes, amber.

Pyramid aromatic notes and duration of the scent

The perfume Brilliant Wish unfolds with fresh fruity notes. You can perceived citrus – perhaps bitter orange. There are slight shades of apricot and pear. They enhance the sweetness of the scent. The part of the upper notes is floral. I think the Rose dominates among the flowers matched. At the heart, the perfume becomes more gentle, approachable, and calm. There the fragrant jasmine finds its place. Its flavor is combined with pink pepper. The pepper adds a sense of playfulness. The appearance of Brilliant Wish becomes more spicy and oriental. At the base are mixed the woody notes and amber. It seems to me to detect an intense scent of vanilla, maybe honey.
The length of the trail is about 8 hours plus 1 hour residual odor.

Good season and recommended places to apply

Use Brilliant Wish in the cool and warm months of spring and summer. The aroma is light, feminine, brings mood. Spray sparingly in the hair, around neck and wrists.

Shape, shade and original wrapping

Brilliant Wish is a bright, cheerful and harmonious flavor. He is not taught, contrariwise very delicate. However it easily impresses with its refinement. Suitable for women with built style, those who are not only aware of their objectives, but also work towards achieving them.
The bottle of Brilliant Wish follows a well-known form of his predecessors. It looks like a diamond. I would say that his vision most closely resembles that of a gemstone. The reason is that in relation to color, the fragrant liquid is not blue, or pink or other sparkling color. The perfume has a yellow-gold highlights and gold cap. It can be found in package of 30 ml. and 50 ml.

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