How to choose the most appropriate for us perfume

In everyday life we encounter thousands of flavors and scents.

According to a study a single man is far more precise in selecting his perfumes.
For those already in a relationship it is thought that their interest suddenly drops throughout the years. They trust a particular flavor that they are used to or trust the advice of friends regarding that.

According to another statistic very few people among the higher educated do not use perfumes. People over the age of 60 also rarely tend to approach the little flavor bottles. Unlike them younger generations love perfumes and not only perfumes but popular and expensive ones. Perhaps due to a particular fashion or way of life or due to the media attention or due to the fact that popular models advertise them, one thing is for certain. And that is that more and more people regardless of their social class buy perfumes by world famous designers.

Before you buy a perfume you should know a few things least of all the fact that you cannot return it in case you do not like the scent after trying it on.

The specialists divide perfumes according to their flavor type into 5 main groups: light, heavy, color, grassy and fresh. Before choosing a perfume you must determine which group you fall into.

It is not advisable for younger girls to use heavy scents. They are likely to suit more mature women. Heavy scents are designed for women with darker skin and hair. Blondes are advised to use lighter and fresher flavors.

Floral flavors are not suitable for sports type women but rather the posh ones. The sports type women can outline their individuality by using fresh and grassy scents.

Despite age and visual presentation one must take into account the social status. In a business meeting the exotic flavors are considered inappropriate. These are more appropriate for a celebration environment where people relax and have fun.

It is completely unwise to buy a perfume just because it is fashionable or because a friend or colleague had suggested it. Your own sense plays the most important of roles when choosing as it would not lie to you. After all a fragrance smells uniquely on each individual due to our unique body smell.

When choosing a perfume do so during the second half of the day as that is when your sense of smell is more sensitive. If you have your menstrual cycle your nose may seriously disappoint you. During this time of month your nose acts unpredictably. Also make sure you do not inhale the flavor straight from the falcon. If there are no samples in the shop where you are located use the papers provided. Spray a little cloud and wait. You can appreciate the perfume sprayed on the paper once you’ve gotten home. The rash and quick decision when choosing will not only depress you but may also deliver you a headache and bad mood.

It is important to remember that perfumes have many layers. The flavor changes in order to reveal its new nuances. The first phase only lasts for 10 to 15 minutes. The characteristic flavor of the perfume has not been shown yet in this phase. The next phase, the so-called heart phase shows you the entire specter of combined flavors. After around 30 to 40 minutes the third and last phase begins. It is the flavor from this phase that will last on your skin, hair and clothes for hours.

That is why again we advise you not to rush, not to make a choice in an uneasy environment, while you are on the run or do not have enough time. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the substances because the perfume industry uses chemical compounds as well as natural flavors derived from various flowers and plants. Along with “clean” flavors chemistry has seriously entered into the creation of the perfume structure. By using combinations the creation of “fantasy flavors” has been reached.

And lastly – do not slave to a single type of flavor – experiment more and search for new flavors.

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