Chanel Allure (for women)

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Chanel Allure (for women) – An independent review

Fragrance: oriental floral
Lasting powers of the trace: 17 hours
Shelf life of sealed flask: 3 years
Recommended use: special occasions
Types of events: special events, exquisite dinners
Lifestyle: luxury
Suggested price: $55 – $140 USD

Chanel Allure (for women) – A brief history

Chanel launched this aroma in 1996. It was created by the perfume designer Jacques Polge. In 2005 he created another fragrance for Allure for women line – Chanel Allure Sensuelle.
The activity of the perfume designer is related almost entirely to Chanel brand, regardless the aromas are indented for male or female half.

Fragrance notes

Main notes – jasmine, water lily, magnolia, mandarin orange, lemon, passionfruit, vanilla, honeysuckle.

Pyramid of the perfume notes and lasting power of the scent

Chanel created one really rich composition. The aroma is strongly seductive. Its top notes are distinguished as fresh fruit scents.
Citruses are combined with the sweet vanilla in a really unusual way.
The hearth is also very generous. There we clearly distinguish the presence of floral nuances – water lily, jasmine, magnolia. The scent is slightly changing – it combines the gentle and challenging.
The base is dry but intoxicating. The notes of passionfruit are complimented by honeysuckle. Together they complete a rich and consistent base of scents.
You can enjoy it for a long time – about 17 hours. They are absolutely enough to impress everyone around you.

Recommended places of application

This hot and passion provoking perfume is good to be applied on the pulse point of the wrists. Spray it moderate on the neck line, wrists and if you prefer on the hair too. Know that behind you, there is a trace of a scent full of longing.

Shape, shade and original wrapping

This perfume is suitable for all women, regardless their age and status. It underlines, preserves and keeps the sense of femininity. It provides style and comfort. The perfume has incredibly exquisite, fine presence. Strongly sensual and unique, this aroma is sealed in a long, smoothly finished flask. It is transparent with pink – orange sparkles of the perfume water. It is available as 30, 50, 75 and 100ml flask.

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