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Rihanna RiRi (for women)

Rihanna RiRi (for women) – An independent review Perfume: Rihanna RiRi (for women)
Aroma: floral fruity
Scent endurance: 9 hours
Shelf life in unopened bottle: 3 years
Usage: every day
Occasions: day and night aroma for all seasons
Lifestyle: casual
Relative price: $ – $ USD
Rihanna RiRi (for women) – history in short Rihanna presented her new perfume RiRi in September 2015. This is the sixth perfume of her collection and it is about to follow the success of its predecessors.
The marketing campaign is based on the innocent charm of the famous singer, showing her dressed in romantic pink satin. At the same time, the shine of pearls as an accessory emphasizes on the class of the performer and the perfume. Perfume notes Top notes – mandarin, cassis, passion fruit, rum;
Middle notes – freesia, jasmine, orange blossom, honeysuckle;
Base notes – vanilla, musk, sandalwood, benzoin.
Aroma notes pyramid and fragrance endurance The top notes of RiRi are entirely composed of fruits. The freshness of tangerine, blackcurrant and passion fruit is complemented by alcohol tinge.
Fruit aromas also prevail in the heart of the perfume, although some flower fragrances are added: freesia,...

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Paco Rabanne Olympéa (for women)

Paco Rabanne Olympéa (for women) – An independent review Perfume: Paco Rabanne Olympéa (for women)
Aroma: oriental floral
Scent endurance: 10 hours
Shelf life in unopened bottle: 3 years
Usage: formal
Occasions: autumn aroma for romantic evenings or important events
Lifestyle: luxurious
Relative price: $ – $ USD
Paco Rabanne Olympéa (for women) – history in short Designer house Paco Rabanne introduced their new product Olympéa in August 2015. The Olympéa perfume is the feminine version of the earlier presented men aroma Invictus (2013).
The creators of both compositions are Loc Dong и Anne Flipo. Their inspiration relates to the idea of sports ambitions, victory and dynamic lifestyle.
The face of the perfume is the beautiful Brazilian model Luma Grothe. She plays perfectly the role of a seductive Greek goddess who is ready to do anything to get what she wishes. Perfume notes Top notes – jasmine, green mandarin, ginger;
Middle notes – vanilla, salt;
Base notes – sandalwood, cashmere, ambergris.
Aroma notes pyramid and fragrance endurance Olympéa is a very spicy, oriental perfume and it contrasts strongly, compared to any floral scents. Ginger and green tangerine leaves are easily...

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Fragrance Tips And Tricks

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A bit of history… and new technologies It was considered in the past that the pulse points of the wrists, behind the knee joints and the zone behind the ears are the most suitable points for perfume application.
The reason of this is that the combination of perfume ingredients is activated as a result of touching and warmth of the body.
Today technologies for perfume designing are advanced. It is enough the aroma to be applied on the upper part of the body, depending on the preferences of the man or the woman. In a few minutes, it embraces with its scent the whole body, as well the zone around it. Providing of effect – presence, discretion and seduction
The choice for perfume application depends on the individual preferences of the person who use it. Although that today aromas are of a high quality and long lasting, the proper use is a real art.
It is necessary the hot point of the body to be considered, in order to ensure the desired effect. The aroma might remind of presence, to hint discretion, witty underline the appearance and reach seduction. Points and Techniques of Application

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Nature of perfumes

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The narrow definition of perfumes – they are products intended to evoke certain aroma of the skin, hair, underwear, clothes, the air around the person who uses them. Perfumes have three characteristics – pleasantness of the aroma, intensity and longevity. Intensity and longevity of perfumes
Each aroma has different intensity and longevity. The perfume scent goes through three stages: top, base and trace. The initial scent begins from the moment of application and ends up to the fifteenth minute. The real perfume qualities have been not revealed yet. They appear in 15 minutes and this is the base scent which lasts for 20 hours. In 20 hours the scent decreases its intensity. Yet, there is a trace that lasts the next 15-20 hours. It is good to change perfumes because our sense of smell gets used to the aroma we apply and in time we cannot feel it well enough. The quality of the perfume is not decreased as we might think. Its quality could be appraised by a person who is not accustomed to its fragrance.

Pleasantness of the aroma
The perfume scent is a combination of alcohol and composition. The composition is a combination of natural or artificial...

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How do we match our clothes with the flavors we wear

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It is a fact that certain types of colors mellow out or increase excitement. Flavors too have the ability to calm us down or to cause great emotions. If we match the right colors and flavors we may increase our chances of balanced behavior, good mood and uplifted spirit. It is only when they are selected correctly that they act accordingly. White clothes. The color white symbolizes purity, virginity, transperancy and light. This color has the ability to cleanse our consciousness, calm down and retain harmony. When travelling a long distance you may want to wear white underwear. This way you will lower the effects of jet lag – namely tiredness. The white color also helps the brain to relax. It is advisable to match along flavors such as lavender and lemon. Altogether these will protect us from all kinds psychological and physical aggressions. Perfumes suitable for white clothing – Guy Laroche – Drakkar (for men), Escada – Sunset Heat (for men), Cerruti – Cerruti (for men). Yellow clothes. The color yellow increases our feeling of joy, makes us smile and be happy. Not only does this color stimulate the good mood but also has the ability to pass it onto others. It may help...

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