Calvin Klein Eternity (for men)

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Calvin Klein Eternity (for men) – An independent review

Aroma: aromatic fougere
Lasting powers of the scent trace: 20 hours
Shelf life of an unopened bottle: 3 years
Recommended use: every day
Suitable events: business meetings, meetings with friends, clubs, cinema
Lifestyle: casual
Suggested price: $26 – $70 USD

Calvin Klein Eternity (for men) – a brief history

The perfume was created in the far 1989. It was introduced by the design house Calvin Klein and remained emblematic for the brand. This perfume , as well as, Eternity for women (1988), are among the most popular classic fragrances, which preserved their charm in the years. They not only confirm their unique class but also continue to be preferred by many admirers of quality aromas.

Perfume notes

Top notes – lavender, lemon, mandarin orange, bergamot;
Middle notes – geranium, lily of the valley, jasmine, lily, sage, orange blossom, juniper berries, basil, coriander;
Base notes – vetiver, sandalwood, Brazilian rosewood, musk, amber.

Fragrance notes pyramid and longevity of the scent

The composition is a mild fresh assemble. It is also a little bit savoury. The perfume spreads its top notes – mandarine leaves, lavender flowers. Fragrant greenery, which consists, increases the extreme natural scent of each. The aroma also underlines the beauty and makes it more notable. The hearth of the perfume combines scent of salvia, basil and the flowers of gentle jasmine. As if these ingredients raise the scent and make it more sensual and magnificent. The base is strong, modest – ventiveria, sandalwood, palisiander.
The perfume is extremely lasting – about 20 hours. It will be with you all day long, when have a rest with friends, and then at night, when you are embraced by the beloved one.

Recommended places

Spray the perfume according to you preferences. You will feel how its fragrance is spreading around you and surrounds you with its pleasurable arms.

Shape, shade and original wrapping

Calvin Klein said that he wanted to design a perfume who responds to the expectations of the modern man, to those who live with established values. He also added that men have to be sensual without loosing their manhood and power. The perfume is suitable as for young so for more mature men. It inspires optimism and confidence.
It offers a wide variety of opportunities which challenge and at the same time satisfy. Although its style is casual, namely this will provoke curiosity and later enchanting by your personality. If you take the chance to get this perfume, you will have the chance to find your favourite fragrance. It is tasted and approved in the years. Sealed in a transparent smoothly finished flask, waiting for the freedom. It is available as 30, 50 and 100ml bottle.

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