Cacharel Noa (for women)

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Cacharel Noa (for women) – An independent review

Perfume: Cacharel Noa (for women)
Aroma: floral woody musk
Length of trail: 12 hours
Shelf life of unopened bottle: 3 years
The reason for use: daily
Suitable cases: workplace, meeting friends, evening outings
Lifestyle: simple
Indicative price: $25 – $77 USD

Cacharel Noa (for women) – a brief history

Cacharel launches its flavor Noa in 1998. The perfumer who created the fragrance is Olivier Cresp.
The advertising face of Noa is a beautiful blue-eyed blondy Rebekka Botzem. She walks around the city, captured by the gentle, sophisticated fragrance of the perfume.Her walk among busy people and cars is accompanied by the song of This Mortal Coil’s – “Song to the Siren”.

Perfume notes

Top notes – peony, freesia, peach, plum, white musk, green notes;
Middle notes – rose, jasmine, lily, lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, green grass;
Base notes – vanilla, coffee, tonka bean, coriander, cedar, sandalwood, incense.

Pyramid aromatic notes and duration of perfume scent

Noa unfolds with generous scent of fruits and flowers. The middle notes that can be detect are among those of gentle peony, the mature peach and slightly bitter green notes.The presence of grass shades soften the sweetness of the fruit – peach and plum.Also the smell is becomes more subtle, sophisticated. It is slightly spicy, and this contributes, perhaps, white musk.
The heart of the perfume is almost entirely colored. In it the perfumer combines a wonderful bouquet of flowers – rose, jasmine, lily, lily of the valley. The green notes are also felt here, but they are in the background, in addition to the pure, clear, floral scent.
The base is also a complicated combination. It is a mix of sweet, bitter, herbaceous and woody scents. Particularly the irresistible vanilla, the bitter coffee and the tonka bean stands strong and essential. The coriander, the cedar and the sandalwood maintain the stability and durability of the perfume. The incense is successful addition to this multi-layered composition.
The length of the trail is about 12 hours plus residual odor about 2 hours.

Recommended places to apply

Spray cloud in the air in front of you and go through it, then spray behind the ears and on the neck.

Shape, shade and original wrapping

Cacharel Noa is a delicate and yet – energizing, yet lightweight – powerful, yet gentle – full of feeling, emotion, and passion. It is recommended to be used in spring and autumn, as with the selected notes will awaken your senses, will welcome the change with optimism, energy, fortitude.
The shape of Noa bottle is a sphere. It feels like the whole world is in your hand and you do not need anything else. The bottle is transparent and you can see that among the pale-pink fragrant liquid, there is a pearl. You can find Noa in package of 30 ml., 50 ml., 100 ml.

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