Burberry Summer 2010 (for women)

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Burberry Summer 2010 (for women) – An independent review

Perfume: Burberry Summer 2010 (for women)
Fragrance: floral green
Duration: 7-10 hours
Expiration time if not opened: 3 years
Occasion to use: daily
Appropriate cases: beach, a walk, going out with friends
Way of life: casual
Approximate price: $32 – $80 USD

Burberry Summer 2010 (for women) – short story

This is a new summer line of Burberry and can be found in all of the branded stores since April 2010. Two extremely romantic and delicate perfumes are launched – Burberry Summer 2010 (for women) and Burberry Summer 2010 (for men). The perfumer Lucas Sieuzac is the creator of the women version.

Perfume fragrance and breath

Top notes – peach, black currant, mandarin orange, pomegranate;
Middle notes – rose, lily, freesia, honeysuckle, mint;
Base notes – musk, cedar, sandalwood.

Pyramid of aromatic feelings and duration of the fragrance

The perfume is considered to be a floral such, a mixture of colorful, fruit and grassy scents. Tender, fresh, unobtrusive and elegant. It possesses a sweet hue. Burberry Summer unfolds with its top notes. The fresh fruits like black currant, pomegranate, mandarin, peach are perfectly synchronized with the refreshing mint. The heart of the fragrance opens up almost insensibly. It is mainly flowery – consists of lily, freesia, white rose and Lonicera extracts. The base is dry, soft and seals the not really heavy scent.
The duration of Burberry is not that satisfactory. Considered as a weak and short lasting such when sprayed on the skin. The reason is in the presence of plenty of flowers in this mixture. Flowers are usually stressing on the scent of a woman and vitality, they are not strong and thus their fragrances are not long lasting such. Another reason related to the discontent of the duration of Burberry Summer 2010 can be the season. During the summer when it is really hot the sprayed perfume evaporates and almost disappears under the skin and we lose it. Thus there should be no doubt in the quality of the product offered by the brand of Burberry.

Recommended places to use

Apply everywhere where you would consider suitable. Having in mind that the duration is not a long one you can have it with you and spray again when necessary. Two small clouds of freshness and tenderness are always a benefit.

Shape, shade and original wrapping

The Burberry Summer 2010 (for women) is a charming and elegant mixture that brings mainly pastel shades with it. We recommend it to calm, sensitive and intelligent women that manage to create a charming climate around them. It is suitable for self-confident women that can attract you with just one glance and then amaze you with their intelligence and smartness.
You can find the fragrance in various sizes of 50 ml. and 100 ml. The bottle is oval with a pink ornament – the typical Burberry pattern is also presented – the square.

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