Aromatic Zodiac

The stars tell us of the flavor of each of the zodiac sings in order to find harmony in themselves.

Aries – they are extremely hard-working and energetic. Sometimes they get so carried away in their tasks that they fail to manage their time accordingly. This may sometimes result in a reason to neglect their family. Ginger oil and the flavor of coriander may help them to slow down their pace. After all, this particular zodiac sign likes the strong and adventurist flavors. Exotic fruits, freesia, magnolia, jasmine, pepper, ambergris and musk perfectly outline the nature of these representatives of the zodiac.

Taurus – are real workaholics. In order to relieve themselves from stress they should turn towards basil and clove. The scent of flowers (jasmine, tuberose), ylang-ylang, vanilla and sandal will underline well their well-developed sense towards beauty.

Gemini – they are full of energy and often forget to rest, take a break or sleep. The flavors of balm, coriander and tea will make these people relax. Representatives of this particular sign are also very witty and curious. The flavors of jasmine, buttercup, forget-me-not and white cedar will fill the Gemini with more tenderness and romance.

Cancer – these individuals are very devoted and sensitive. Sometimes they may feel hurt and fatigued. Their energy levels may be replenished by the following flavors: pineapple, kiwi, mandarin, orange, freesia, buttercup and vanilla.

Leo – these individuals are very creative and are often inspired by something new. They are predisposed to make a self-evaluation by trying the flavors of flowers, ambergris and the subtle tree flavors.

Virgo – These individuals are always too rational, they do not allow their feelings to cloud the healthy thinking mind. In order to relax it is advisable for them to breathe in nettle, patchouli, cedar, cashmere and vanilla.

Libra – they are great dreamers. Suitable flavors for these people include grape, melon, peach, ambergris, musk and klimentina.

Scorpio – these people are obsessed by endless passion and emotion. Among them the flavors of bamboo, peony, vanilla and sandal really come to aid.

Sagittarius – these individuals are very dynamic. At certain times, however, it is necessary to silence their thoughts and follow their hearts more. In order to achieve this the flavors of mandarin, musk and cedar will help them very much.

Capricorn – Capricorns strive for stability, both in their personal and professional lives. The flavors which best suit the representatives of this zodiac sign include: pear, pineapple, apple, buttercup, lily and carrot.

Aquarius – these people are often affected by insomnia. They are best suited by sharp, unique and determined flavors which define their character. These include rose, jasmine, pepper, watermelon.

Pisces – Pisces are hesitant and undetermined. In order to achieve a feeling of happiness and an inflow of energy it is best to use the following flavors: lemon, orange, lavender, daisy, green tea and cedar.

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