Aromatherapy – healing through essential oils

Essential oilslongside Feng Shui was created another very interesting direction used in alternative medicine. It is called aromatherapy. Incense sticks and aromatized candles can be found practically anywhere lately and the lamps used to evaporate essential oils are considered to be one of the most original among exotic gifts.

Essential Oils have sprung to life long before antibiotics. They have been used as a means to help strengthen the body in both neurological and surgical practices. This was not a common practice solely based in Asia – Hippocrates had healed poisoning and jaundice using lemon and the protection of various plagues was possible through the inhaling of juniper.

These methods of aromatherapy have great advantages among the supporters of this particular direction of healing. They are both effective and safe. Also according to the understanding of ancient Asiatic medicine essential oils possess sedative, antibacterial, antiviral, antitoxic and antifungal qualities. These understandings refer to the fact that the essential oils contain a large variety of healthy elements – antioxidants, pro-vitamins and pro-hormones. They manage to penetrate the cell walls and deliver nutritional substances and oxygen inside them. In this manner they manage to aid in the deliverance of balance among the immune and endocrine systems.

It would be advisable to consult your personal doctor before trying any of the essential oils on yourself.

You can test your chosen essential oil and try out its action on yourself by carrying out the following experiment. Have a drop or two of the relevant essential oil on the inside of the arm around the area of your elbow. In the next ten to twelve hours do not wash off the spot so that you can sense in case an unwanted reaction occurs. It is advisable to make another test just in case you turn out to be allergic. The main action of aromatherapy is determined whether you really like the scent. That is a compulsory condition.

Essential oils can also quite comfortably be used by pregnant women. Exceptions are just a few of those that should be avoided during the entire pregnancy period. Some of these include: clove, juniper, cumin, thyme and rosemary.

Essential oils can also be used as a medallion which carries a certain flavor. Essential oil is placed is glass or ceramic shapes. After that these shapes are tied and hung around the neck as an ornament.

Essential oils can be placed in the space underneath a candle where water is placed in the candelabrum. Just a few drops of essential oil is enough to bring about the desired flavor. The burning candle heats up the water and the essential oil in it too. If you are not too big on candles you could just as well place a little bit of essential oil in an instance filled with heated water. This method has been used during inhalations.

Essential oils have a very favorable impact when taking a bath, also when rubbing in during colds and giving a massage. Around ten grams of plant oil is needed (avocado, jojoba, olive oil) are mixed in with a few drops of essential oil. The conceived mixture is used as massaging oil. The same mixture is considered appropriate when making a bandage.

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