Giorgio Armani was born 11th July 1934 in Piachenza, Italy. Before entering the army he studied medicine for a while. After his dismissal from the army he became an arranger – decorating the La Rinaschente shops between 1954 and 1960. Ten years later he worked for Nino Cerutti. Between 1970 and 1975 he created design projects for Emanuel Ungaro.

In 1974 together with Sergo Galeotti they created their first fashion house specializing in the making of and selling modern male clothing. Their partnership continued until Galeotti’s death in 1985. Giorgio Armani released his female collection in 1975. In 1981 he began launching sport lines Emporio Armani and Armani Jeans. In 1987 he released the affordable female version Mani.

His first big success comes in 1996 – Armani released the men’s flavor Acqua di Gio. Followed by Armani Mania (2002), Sensi (2002) and Black Code (known today as Armani Code) for men (2004). In 2005 he debuted with Prive in Paris. It includes the following flavors: Armani Prive Bois d’Encens & Eau de Jade and Armani Prive Pierre de Lune & Ambre Soie. Later on are released Cuir Amethyste (2006), Eclat de Jasmin (2007), Rose Alexandrie, Vetiver Babylone, Oranger Alhambra (2008). It 2009 Cedre Olympe is launched.
In the last years the following flavors have emerged: Armani Code for women (2006), Emporio Remix Lui & Emporio Remix Elle (2006), Armani Code for Women Eau de Toilette, Armani Summer Mania (2007), Armani Attitude (2007), Emporio Armani Diamonds (2007), Emporio Armani (PRODUCT) Red She & He (2007), Emporio Armani Diamonds For Men (2008), Emporio Armani Diamonds Intense (2008), Onde Mystere, Vertige, Extase (2008), Attitude Extreme (2009), Armani Code Summer (2009), Idole d’Armani (2009).

Today Armani owns over 2 thousand boutiques in different countries around the world with annual sales that go over 1 billion dollars. Forbs magazine defines him as the most successful designer in the world. He is placed 6th among the richest in Italy and 236th in the world. He won plenty of awards due to his contribution in the dynamic design. Armani is among the first to divide their lines according to theme, age and status taking in the fact that society gets younger with time and loosens up. He also pays attention to the fact that his simple and clean designs are not solely purchased by the rich but also people with less income.

His creativeness reflects overall the modern city life and the anonymity of the thousands and millions of people living in the mega polis. Although he is blamed for having no inventions in modern fashion, Armani deserves highest admirations since similarly to his style he silently and subtly manages to capture the tastes and desires of a great audience of people.

The great designer tells that the beginning of his creative spirit was born with the thought of dressing women in men’s suits. This way he formed a radically new type of simple and moderate elegance. Armani uses mostly expensive cloths in combination with precious stones and crystals. His perfumes are exclusively luxurious, delicate and still intact with the youth’s lifestyle. The same goes for his clothing too, he launches sports patterns in the official clothing.

Armani comments on elegance in the following way: “it is the visual argument of the interior, spiritual rigor and attitude towards beauty and finding your own original showing. Elegance is born in culture and intelligence. It is shown through actions, movements and the way you walk. After all this elegance becomes a skill to choose your own style depending on the clothing and perfumes you wear”.

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