Armani Diamonds (for women)

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Armani Diamonds (for women) – An independent review

Fragrance: oriental floral
Lasting power of the scent: 20 hours
Shelf life of an unopened bottle: 3 years
Recommended use: special occasions
Types of events: dinner, dates with beloved one, party
Lifestyle: luxury
Suggested price: $30 – $55 USD

Armani Diamonds (for women) – a brief history

It was created by the design house Giorgio Armani in 2007. Armani said that he wanted this fragrance to reflect the glamour, power, magnificence and sex appeal of the woman who used it. The face of the perfume is the singer Beyonce Knowles.

Fragrance notes of the scent

Top notes – raspberry, litchi;
Middle notes – rose, lily of the valley, freesia, cedar, patchouli;
Base notes – vanilla, vetiver, amber.

Pyramid fragrance notes and lasting powers of the scent

Rose – the flower of femininity is distinguished in the perfume as a basic note. Embraced by the gentle fragrance, the scent takes to the essence where the raspberries and tempting lichi are.
The sex appeal is achieved by the combination of patchouli and amber – wood notes which stay as a base. They strengthen the touch of the perfume on the other places of the body and made it bolder.
Its lasting power is about 20 hours and leaves a trace (about 10 hours) that will remind you for this moving experience.

Recommended application

The most suitable spots for application of the perfume, inspired by the idea of femininity, of course, are the hot spots of the body. They are behind the ears, wrists, behind knees and neckline. Do not overdo – it’s really irresistible.

Shape, shade and original wrapping

Armani Diamonds is designed as for the young women, so for successful ones who strive to their best. But not only this – they want the best of everything. Even the diamond when is a single one, is not enough.
The explosion of sensual fragrances is hidden in a diamond shaped flask. In its centre there is engraved the unique Armani’s symbol – the eagle. It is available in 30, 50, 100 ml.flasks.

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