About Us

Perfumes Review is an independent website. Its aim is to provide to readers perfumes of famous brands, attracted their attention. Each review contains several separated in paragraphs, interesting information:
– what name stands behind the creation of the flavor, the inspiration, the advertising campaign;
– the ingredients and their combinations;
– deployment of the scent and how long its trail stays on the skin;
– advise on the appropriate season for use and recommendation on which parts of the body to be applied;
– is it the connection crucial: characteristic-aroma, description of bottle, the packaging.
The price and also the milliliters, in which a perfume is offered are essential. Here I tried to make a thorough examination of everything that excites you about a perfume.
My name is Desi – the face behind the texts on the site. I’m studying Psychology. Like every woman I am interested in the latest fashion trends and regularly visit the perfumery shops. I’ve fallen in love in countless flavors and every time I think is the last time. When I run out of perfume, I never buy the same one again. The perfumes are my passion and I am not a slave of a brand or scent, therefore you can trust me.